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HP SERIES 1230 Reference Manual

Hewlett-packard fax machine user manual.
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hp fax
1230 series
reference guide


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   Summary of Contents for HP SERIES 1230

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    1230 series reference guide...

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    © Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 2003 All rights are reserved. No part of the document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated to another language without the prior written consent of Hewlett-Packard Company. This product incorporates Adobe’s PDF technology, which contains an implementation of LZW licensed under U.S.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ........14 receive a fax when the hp fax is out of paper ..... .15 set up speed-dialing .

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  • Page 5

    ........72 prepare your hp fax for shipment ....... . .73 hp fax 1230 series warranty.

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    1230 series...

  • Page 7: Get Started

    HP Fax 1230 series (HP Fax). To get started, review this section for information on getting help and use it to familiarize yourself with the HP Fax front panel. get help Review the table below to learn about the help options available to you.

  • Page 8: Front Panel Overview

    Auto Answer light: If lit, automatic answering is on. Auto Answer button: Turn automatic answering for HP Fax on or off. Speed Dial button: Access speed-dial numbers. Redial/Pause button: Dial the last number again, or insert a pause in a number to be dialed.

  • Page 9

    On button: Turn the HP Fax on and off. Options button: Access various fax and copy options. Left and Right arrows: Scroll through fax and copy option settings, or move forward and backward in a text entry. Enter button: Select or save displayed setting.

  • Page 10

    1230 series...

  • Page 11: Load Originals And Load Paper

    If you are working with originals that are printed on 16-24 lb. (60-90 gsm) plain paper or on HP Premium Inkjet Paper, you can load more than one page at a time into the ADF. If you are working with photos or originals of an non-standard size (no smaller than 3.25 x 3.25 inches or 82 x 82 millimeters), load them in...

  • Page 12: Load Paper

    Make sure that the paper stack lies flat in the input tray and fits under the tab of the paper-length guide. To prevent paper from falling off the tray, fully extend the output-tray extender. hp fax 1230 series...

  • Page 13: Recommended Papers

    For the best print quality, we recommend using HP Premium Inkjet papers. Using paper that is too thin, paper that has a slick texture, or paper that stretches easily can cause paper jams. Using paper that has a heavy texture or does not accept ink can cause printed images to smear, bleed, or not be filled in completely.

  • Page 14: Papers To Avoid

    HP Premium or Premium Plus Inkjet Transparency Film Insert the film so that the white transparency strip with arrows and the HP logo is on top and goes into the tray first.

  • Page 15: Recommended Paper-type Settings For Copying

    Other Photo Paper HP Inkjet T-Shirt Transfer Iron-On HP Premium Inkjet Paper Other Inkjet Paper HP Professional Brochure & Flyer Paper (Glossy) Brochure Glossy HP Professional Brochure & Flyer Paper (Matte) HP Premium or Premium Plus Inkjet Transparency Film Other Transparency Film...

  • Page 16: Set The Paper Size

    The HP Fax can print faxes and make copies onto letter, legal, or A4 paper. to set the paper size for faxes Press Setup until 3: Basic Fax Setup appears, and then press Enter to select After 1:Date and Time appears, press then press Enter to select it.

  • Page 17: Use The Fax Features

    Using the front panel of your HP Fax, you can: • Send and receive black-and-white and color faxes. If you send a color fax and your HP Fax determines that the recipient has a black-and-white fax unit, your HP Fax will send the fax in black and white. •...

  • Page 18: Check For Dial Tone

    Note: Make sure the volume is turned on. If you turn off the volume for your HP Fax, you will not hear the dial tone. To verify that the volume is turned on, see adjust the volume on page 24.

  • Page 19: Send A Color Fax

    Broadcasting a fax enables you to send a black-and-white fax to one speed-dial group, which can contain up to 20 individual speed-dial entries. The entire original must fit into the memory of your HP Fax, or the broadcast fax will not be successful.

  • Page 20: Receive A Fax

    The Auto Answer feature is automatically enabled when you power-up your HP Fax. If this feature is enabled, the green light next to the Auto Answer button is lit. If it is not lit, use the following procedure to set up your HP Fax to receive a fax automatically: Press Auto Answer until the green light is on.

  • Page 21: Receive A Fax When The Hp Fax Is Out Of Paper

    Note: If Auto Answer is enabled (green light next to the Auto Answer button is lit) when the HP Fax runs out of paper, the green light will go off. Out of paper will display on the front panel. The HP Fax will continue to receive faxes automatically and store them in memory, until they can be printed.

  • Page 22: Create A Speed-dial Group

    2 for No to exit. Tip — You can print a complete list of your assigned speed-dial entries for your reference. For information, see generate system reports on page 20. until the appropriate number until the appropriate number hp fax 1230 series...

  • Page 23: Add Or Remove Recipients From A Group

    add or remove recipients from a group You can add or remove an individual number to or from an existing group. Follow these steps to add or remove recipients from groups: Press Setup until 2:Speed Dial Setup appears. Press Enter. Press until 2:Group Speed Dial appears, and then press Enter.

  • Page 24: Send A Fax Using The Speed-dial Button

    Choose from a single recipient or a group, and then scan the original to memory. When you schedule a fax, you can only send it in black-and-white. When the scheduled time arrives, the HP Fax automatically sends your fax as soon as a connection is made.

  • Page 25: Cancel A Scheduled Fax

    HP Fax. By default, your HP Fax is set to print a report only if there is a problem with sending or receiving a fax. A confirmation message that indicates whether a fax was successfully sent appears briefly on the front-panel display after each transaction.

  • Page 26: Generate System Reports

    Off does not print fax reports. When the option you want appears, press Enter. generate system reports Follow these steps to manually print any of the system reports about your HP Fax, such as the Speed Dial List and the self-test report: Press Setup.

  • Page 27: Control Resolution And Contrast

    Resolution affects the transmission speed and quality of faxed documents. The HP Fax only sends faxes at the highest resolution supported by the receiving fax. You can change the resolution between pages only when receiving faxes. Follow these steps to change the resolution: Press Resolution.

  • Page 28: Set Basic Fax Settings

    You can use the keypad of the HP Fax as a shortcut to access many of the menu settings. To use the shortcut method, simply press the number associated with the desired setting.

  • Page 29: Enter Text

    After you are finished entering text, press Enter to store your entries. set the rings to answer setting Use this setting to change the number of rings before your HP Fax answers incoming calls. Your HP Fax is factory-set to begin receiving faxes after 5 rings.

  • Page 30: Set The Paper Size

    Use the Fax Forwarding setting to forward your faxes to another fax number for a set period of time. You can only forward black-and-white faxes. Note: If you enable the fax forwarding feature, the HP Fax will not print received faxes.

  • Page 31: Edit Or Cancel Fax Forwarding

    Enter the Start Date using the numeric keypad. Tip — When you enter a single-digit date, type a leading zero before the single digit: for example, 08-03-02. Use only the last two digits for the year. Enter the Start Time, and then press 1 for AM or 2 for PM. Enter the Stop Date.

  • Page 32: Change The Answer Ring Pattern (distinctive Ringing)

    If you do not have this service, use the default ring pattern, which is All Rings. If you connect your HP Fax to a line with distinctive ringing, have your telephone company assign one ring pattern to voice calls and another to fax calls. We recommend that you request double or triple rings for a fax number.

  • Page 33: Set Automatic Reduction

    This setting determines what your HP Fax does if it receives a fax that is too large for the default paper size. With this setting on, the image is reduced so that it fits on one page. With this feature off, information that doesn’t fit on the first page is printed on a second page.

  • Page 34: Use Error Correction Mode

    This section describes how to set up and use your HP Fax on the same phone line with other office equipment, such as your phone, voice mail, or answering machine.

  • Page 35: Connect And Use A Phone With Your Hp Fax

    Press the Auto Answer button to turn the feature on or off.) When a fax call is received, the HP Fax will pick up and connect with the sending fax machine. Your fax will then be printed.

  • Page 36: Answer Fax Calls When You Use Voice Mail On The Same Phone Line

    HP Fax can “listen” for fax tones. If the HP Fax detects fax tones, it will take over the call; if there are no fax tones, the answering machine will record the voice message. The HP Fax is factory-set to answer after 5 rings.

  • Page 37: Use Off-hook Dialing

    Once the HP Fax receives the fax call, the telephone will go silent. At this point, hang up your phone. to answer fax calls when your answering machine is not directly connected to your hp fax Press the Auto Answer button to turn off the Auto Answer feature (the Auto Answer light will go off).

  • Page 38: Fax Options

    > Send Fax Later < oooooo oo > Poll for Fax < ooooooo o > < oooooooo > < ooo ooooo > < oo oooooo > < o ooooooo > < oooooooo > Set New Defaults hp fax 1230 series...

  • Page 39: Use The Copy Features

    Use the front panel of your HP Fax to make copies and change the copy settings. This section provides instruction on making a basic copy. For information on changing copy settings, see change copy settings on page 33.

  • Page 40: Set The Number Of Copies

    5. Press Start, Black or Start, Color. increase copy speed or quality The HP Fax provides three options that affect copy speed and quality; Best, Normal, and Fast. Load your original in the ADF.

  • Page 41: Reduce Or Enlarge A Copy

    Use Reduce/Enlarge to reduce or enlarge a copy of an original. The HP Fax provides four options; Actual 100%, Full Page 91%, Legal -> Ltr 74%, and Custom. Press Copy until Reduce/Enlarge appears. Press until the appropriate reduce/enlarge option appears, and then press Enter to select it.

  • Page 42: Perform Special Copy Jobs

    In addition to supporting standard copying, your HP Fax can also do the following: • copy a photo • prepare a color t-shirt transfer copy a photo When copying a photo, select options for the correct paper type and photo enhancement.

  • Page 43: Copy Options

    copy options The following diagram shows the options that are available when you press Copy. Copy Quality Number of Copies Normal 1 to 99 Fast Best Paper Size* Paper Type Letter Plain Paper Premium Photo Legal Photo-Qual Glss Photo-Qual Matt Premium Inkjet Brochure Glossy Brochure Matte...

  • Page 44

    1230 series...

  • Page 45: Maintain Your Hp Fax

    HP Fax as well as the front panel. work with print cartridges To ensure the best print quality from your HP Fax, you will need to perform some simple maintenance procedures, and when prompted by a front-panel message, replace the print cartridges.

  • Page 46: Replace The Print Cartridges

    See order print cartridges on page 81 for information on ordering replacement print cartridges. Turn on the HP Fax, and then open the print-cartridge access door. The print carriage moves into view. After the carriage stops moving, lift the latch to release the print cartridge, and then pull it toward you out of its slot.

  • Page 47: Align Cartridges

    The HP Fax prompts you to align cartridges every time you install or replace a print cartridge. Aligning the cartridges ensures high-quality output. to align the print cartridges when prompted Press Enter on the front panel. The HP Fax prints a text page that contains instructions and an align cartridges page that contains test patterns.

  • Page 48: Setup Menu Options

    The following diagram shows the options that are available when you press Setup. Setup 1. Print Report 1:Last Transaction 2:Fax Log 3:Speed Dial List 4:Menu Settings 5:Self-Test Report 6:Automatic Reports Setup 3:Basic Fax...

  • Page 49: Additional Setup Information

    Usually, you set the language and country/region the first time you turn the HP Fax on. If you would like to change the country/region or language, use the following procedure. Tip — If you are unable to read the front-panel display language, but need to reset it, press Setup, 5, 5.

  • Page 50

    HP Fax. connector 2 on the HP Fax If you want to connect more than one device to connector 2 on the HP Fax, purchase a Y-splitter and plug it into connector 2. Connect the phone cord from the phone, modem, or answering machine to connector 2 (or Y-splitter).

  • Page 51: Troubleshooting Help

    The paper has Open the top, take the edge of the paper, and gently pull the paper out of jammed where it the HP Fax. enters the HP Fax. The paper has Remove the back door by pushing the tabs inward. Gently pull the paper out crumpled and of the rollers.

  • Page 52: Tips To Avoid Paper Jams

    Grasp the leading edge of the paper and pull the paper out through the jammed where it output tray. exits the HP Fax. Note: If you turned the HP Fax off before clearing the paper jam, turn it back on, and then restart your output job. tips to avoid paper jams •...

  • Page 53

    Caution! Be careful not to get ink on your hands or clothing. Turn the HP Fax on and open the print-cartridge access door. The print cartridges will move to the access area. After the print cartridges have stopped moving, unplug the power cord from the back of the HP Fax.

  • Page 54: Output Problems

    Make sure the paper can move easily under the guides. For more information, see load paper on page 6. • Is the paper type suitable for the HP Fax? For information on recommended paper types, see recommended papers on page 7.

  • Page 55: Quality Problems

    Try using the Normal setting or use HP Premium Papers. For information, see increase copy speed or quality on page 34. – Check to see that the paper type is suitable for this HP Fax. For information, see recommended papers on page 7. Ink is not filling...

  • Page 56

    • Check to see that you are using the right type of paper for your project. If The copy or fax is the paper you are using is too fibrous, the ink applied by your HP Fax faded, or the may not fully cover the print surface.

  • Page 57

    problem solution • Check to see if your original contains thin lines. If your original contains The copy or fax lines that are too thin, they may disappear in places when you copy or has vertical fax it. Try darkening the lines on your original, and then copy or fax it streaks or is again.

  • Page 58: Copy Problems

    • Make sure the HP Fax is turned on. If the front-panel display is blank, the Nothing happens HP Fax is turned off. Make sure the HP Fax is connected to a power when I try to copy.

  • Page 59: Fax Problems

    The sending fax machine may have failed to feed each page of the original. • Check to see if you are out of paper. If the HP Fax runs out of paper, Faxes are incoming faxes are stored in memory.

  • Page 60

    30 for information on setting up your HP Fax for use with an answering machine. • If you are using a voice mail system with your HP Fax, see answer fax calls when you use voice mail on the same phone line on page 30 for information on using the HP Fax with voice mail.

  • Page 61

    (distinctive ringing) on page 26. • If your HP Fax is on the same phone line as an answering machine, you may need to change the number of rings. For information, see answer fax calls when you use an answering machine on the same line on page 30.

  • Page 62

    • Are you using an ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) service? If so, the HP Fax is a Group 3 fax machine. It is not designed for direct connection to an ISDN service. You can use the HP Fax with an ISDN service by connecting it to an analog telephone port (“R-interface”) on an...

  • Page 63: Error Messages

    HP Fax to the telephone outlet using a different phone cord. • If your HP Fax is on the same phone line as an answering machine, you may need to change the number of rings. For information, see set the rings to answer setting on page 23.

  • Page 64

    6 and for information on recommended paper, see recommended papers on page 7. • Check to see if you are out of paper. If the HP Fax runs out of paper, HP Fax memory incoming faxes are stored in memory.

  • Page 65

    • Were you loading the print cartridges? If so, turn the HP Fax off. Flip the Print carriage latches down, and then turn the unit back on again. Make sure that you stalled. wait at least 10 seconds for the carriage to stop before raising the latches.

  • Page 66: Fax Log Error Codes

    The telephone connection was lost. 235-236 ECM The sending fax machine sent an unexpected communication. 239-241 ECM The remote fax machine is attempting to receive instead of send. 243-244 The sending fax machine prematurely ended the session. 245-246 ECM 247-248 There was a communication error with the sending fax machine.

  • Page 67

    Error Definition 356-361 The receiving fax machine prematurely ended the session. 362-366 ECM 367-372 There was a communication error with the receiving fax machine. 373- 377 ECM 378-380 The telephone connection was lost. The receiving fax machine stopped accepting pages.

  • Page 68


  • Page 69: Technical Information

    The following sections contain specifications for your HP Fax. paper specifications input tray capacities type paper weight Plain paper 16 to 24 lb. (60 to 90 gsm) Legal paper 20 to 24 lb. (75 to 90 gsm)

  • Page 70: Copy Specifications

    300 x 600 300 x 1200 600 x 600 300 x 1200 Photo (dpi) Fine (dpi) 200 x 200 200 x 200 300 x 300 200 x 200 Standard (dpi) 200 x 100 200 x 200 hp fax 1230 series...

  • Page 71: Power Specifications

    Input Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz • Current: 1.0 A maximum • Figures are based on using the AC adapter that came with your unit (HP part number 0950-3807). environmental specifications • Recommended Operating Temperature Range: 15º to 32º C (59º to 90º F), 15% to 85% humidity, RH non-condensing •...

  • Page 72: Regulatory Notices

    If you are in the United States or Canada and do not have access to the Internet, call the U.S. HP FIRST fax-on-demand service at (800) 231-9300. Use Index number 7 for a listing of the material safety data sheets.

  • Page 73: Doc Statement / Déclaration De Conformité (canada)

    or on the first page of transmission, the date and time it is sent and an identification of the business, other entity, or other individual sending the message and the telephone number of the sending machine or such business, other entity, or individual. (The telephone number provided may not be a 900 number or any other number for which charges exceed local or long-distance transmission charges.) In order to program this information into your fax machine, you should complete the steps described in the software.

  • Page 74: Notice To All Users Of The European Economic Area (eea)

    (PSTN). Please connect the TAE N telephone connector plug, provided with the HP Fax 1230 series, into the wall socket (TAE 6) code N. The HP Fax 1230 series products can be used as a single device and/or in combination (in serial connection) with other approved terminal equipment.

  • Page 75: Declaration Of Conformity

    European Contact for regulatory topics only: Your local Hewlett-Packard Sales and Service Office or Hewlett-Packard GmbH. Department HQ-TRE, Herrenberger Strasse 130, D-71034 Böblingen, Germany (Fax + 49-7031-14-3143) hp fax 1230 series Q1678A hp fax 1230 (Q1685A), hp fax 1230xi (Q1686A), hp fax 1235 (Q1684A) None EMC:...

  • Page 76

    1230 series...

  • Page 77: Get Hp Fax 1230 Series Support

    HP dealer for help. get support and other information from the internet If you have Internet access, you can get more information from the HP website at The website offers technical support, drivers, supplies, and ordering information.

  • Page 78: Call In The U.s. During Warranty

    For Japan, you can visit this address: You can call the HP support center in the following countries or regions. If your country/region is not listed, contact your local dealer or nearest HP Sales and Support Office to find out how to obtain services.

  • Page 79: Prepare Your Hp Fax For Shipment

    Alternatively, you can ask your dealer or call HP at the phone number indicated in this booklet. As part of our constant efforts to improve our phone support service, we advise you to check our website on a regular basis for new information regarding service features and delivery.

  • Page 80: Hp Fax 1230 Series Warranty

    To obtain HP express repair service, the customer must contact an HP service office or an HP Customer Support Center for basic troubleshooting first. See hp customer support on page 71 for steps to take before calling Customer Support.

  • Page 81: Return Your Hp Fax 1230 Series For Service

    Friday and 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. (MST) on Saturdays. If during your technical support call it is determined that you need a replacement product, then HP will ship you this product next business day free of charge. Available in U.S. only.

  • Page 82

    HP products, including each Product, may contain remanufactured parts, components, or materials equivalent to new in performance. HP's limited warranty for each Product is valid in any country or locality where HP has a support presence for the Product and where HP has marketed the Product. The level of warranty service may vary according to local standards.

  • Page 83: Index

    ADF (automatic document feeder), adjust sound volume for fax, align print cartridges, answer ring pattern, answering machine connect to the HP Fax, use with the HP Fax, Auto Answer receive faxes automatically, avoid jams, backup fax reception,...

  • Page 84

    – modem connect to the HP Fax, multiple recipients groups, send fax to, normal copy quality, number of copies, off-hook dialing, one-touch speed-dial buttons, order print cartridges,...

  • Page 85

    – output problems, paper jams, print cartridges, quality problems, tips to avoid paper jams, t-shirt transfers, unanswered numbers - redial automatically, voice mail use with the HP Fax, volume adjust volume for fax, warranty information, –...

  • Page 86

    1230 series...

  • Page 87: Order Supplies

    HP black print cartridge HP tri-color print cartridge If you have Internet access, you can get more information from the HP website at: hp reorder number #15, 25 ml black print cartridge (C6615d) #78, 19 ml tri-color print cartridge (C6578d)

  • Page 88

    Visit the hp fax information center It has everything you need to get the most value from your HP Fax. • • • • © 2003 Hewlett-Packard Company Printed in the U.S.A., Germany, or Singapore. *Q1685-90103* *Q1685-90103* Technical Support...

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