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Lens Optimization - Hitachi SK-HD1500 Brochure & Specs

High speed hd camera
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Lens optimization

Gray-Scale automatic setup
The SK-HD1500 offers the Gray-Scale Automatic Setup function to
optimize the optical parameters that could negatively affect the image
you are trying to capture and faithfully reproduce. The Gain, Gamma,
and Flare are the video signal functions that vary from lens to lens.
Automatic vertical modulation shading adjustment
The SK-HD1500 assures that with any lens used, an even, chroma
response will be attained by the automatic vertical modulation shading
correction function. At the simple push of a button, this function
provides separate memory of lens' modulation shading characteristics
to optimize the X1 and X2 lens extender positions.
Color reproduction excellence
The triple-masking function includes the 12-vector, linear matrix and,
Skin-tone masking provide the user wide latitude in subject image color
control. The 12-vector color corrector provides independent control of
the hue and saturation for six primary and six secondary combinations
of colors. The 6-axis linear matrix provides overall color control thereby
providing the user with excellent and precise color rendition control.
Preset Masking
The preset masking function reproduce various image color such as
STANDARD ( Hitachi standard ) /ITU-709/SMPTE240M/SMPTE-WIDE/NTSC/EBU.
Skin-tone masking
The Skin-tone masking function provides "fine Painting" ( hue and saturation )
of Skin tones without affecting other colors in the scene. This functions
additional and independently from the linear and 12-vector-masking
functions thereby adding an additional color-correction ( Triple-masking )
Channel to the overall image color control.
Chroma Saturation
In addition to the extensive colorimetry controls offered in the
SK-HD1500, the overall color saturation can be varied to achieve
"dramatic" or artistic "effects" .
Knee Saturation
The Knee Saturation function dynamically restores color saturation to
scene highlights above the Knee point. Color-saturated highlights lost
in overexposed scenes are now visible. This function provides
excellent results ; for example when imaging : high-contrast, sunny
outdoor scenes, fireworks, concerts, theatre stage lighting, and
colored night scenes.
Lens Files
The SK-HD1500 can store 8 lens files which include various lens
correction data such as vertical modulation shading.This lens
correction data can also be stored in a card ( SD card), where it can be
recalled when necessary.
Picture sharpness enhancement
Absolute detail control
Hitachi provides 3 major detail controls designed to precisely place,
control and shape the picture sharpness characteristics of the
Master Detail items
Master Detail items are available to adjust various parameters of the
detail signal to taste or to achieve a desired "look" in your productions.
Some of these adjustments are ; H/V detail, crisp, level dependence,
knee detail, limiter, source, frequency and balance.
Skin-tone Detail
The Skin-tone Detail functions allow a flesh color-based softening of
the image to achieve the impression of more youthful TV personalities.
2 individual memories exist as well as a function to automatically
detect the hue, saturation and luminance of the Skin-tone to be
affected. This function is not limited to Skin-tones only ; it can
increase or decrease the sharpness of any pair of colors in the image.
High-chroma detail
The High-chroma detail adjustments allow precise control of the detail
level in highly color-saturated portions of the picture such as the petals
of a rose or a colorful fabric.



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