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Hitachi SK-HD1000 Brochure & Specs

Multi-format digital hdtv production camera
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Multi-Format Digital HDTV Production Camera



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  • Page 1 Multi-Format Digital HDTV Production Camera...
  • Page 2 TV Systems. As a standard feature, the SK-HD1000 is a multi-format output camera system since it is able to output dual formats ( SD and HD ) at the same time.
  • Page 3 Hybrid Fiber-Optic Cable of the SK-HD1000 in theory ( 14-bit ) , allow for signals in excess of 85dB ( HFOC ) . Full Auxiliary ( up to 4 analog or digital, HD or SD ) video return to be faithfully reproduced.
  • Page 4: Lens Optimization

    Automatic vertical modulation shading adjustment The SK-HD1000 assures that with any lens used, an even, chroma response will be attained by the automatic vertical modulation shading correction function. At the simple push of a button, this function provides separate memory of lens’...
  • Page 5 SD signal make the SK-HD1000 a logical choice for sophisticated productions. The SK-HD1000 incorporates heavy duty mounts for both the ENG and Studio viewfinders. Viewfinder markers & functions The SK-HD 1000 provides an excellent gamut of thoughtful viewfinder markers and functions to aid the cameraman in providing outstanding Camera head inputs &...
  • Page 6 W ith consideration to our customers and advancements in production workflows that require hand-held cameras to be used with large lenses in studio or field HD productions, Hitachi offers the SA-1000 studio Adaptor. The SA-1000 serves primarily as a mechanical lens supporter and it also offers these important features.
  • Page 7 Multi-Format Digital HDTV Production Camera Flexible Choice of Camera Control Units Three models of Camera Control Units are offered for the SK-HD1000 Simultaneous HDTV/ SDTV, digital and analog video outputs camera system. The CU-HD1000,TU-HD1000 and the CU-3300 3 clean HD-SDI and SD-SDI outputs CCUs serve applications for Studio and Field production.
  • Page 8 The unit is sufficiently small and lightweight enough to be This unit provides full control of the SK-HD1000 camera systems. used in space deprived locations such as encountered on a broadcast Utilizing a new wide touch screen LCD panel that expands control OB Van.
  • Page 9: System Configuration Chart

    Multi-Format Digital HDTV Production Camera Studio and Field Production Viewfinders The SK-HD1000 camera system offers two choices for Studio or Field composition and color evaluation of the image are required. The VF-HD production viewfinders. Model VF-L9HD is a color 9-inch TFT-LCD screen 500 model is a monochrome 5-inch CRT-type unit that is more suited for designed for critical color viewing of the image.
  • Page 10: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS SK-HD1000 Camera Head SK-HD1000 SK-HD1000-S2 SK-HD1000-S4 Imaging Device ( 3X - RGB ) 2/3-inch, 16:9, 2.3 M Pixel ( 3X - RGB ) 2/3-inch, 16:9, 1.0 M Pixel Super-Advanced, micro-lens IT-CCD. Super-Advanced, micro-lens IT-CCD. Effective pixels 1,920 ( H ) X 1,080 ( V ) .
  • Page 11 0°C to 40°C, 32°F to 104°F Mass 7.9kg Mass 7kg, 15.4lbs. Power consumption 210W approx. ( AC operation, including SK-HD1000, Power consumption 210W approx. ( AC operation, including SK-HD1000, VF-402 and AUX POWER OUT 100VA ) VF-402 and AUX POWER OUT 100VA ) DIMENSIONS CU-HD1000 DIMENSIONS SU-1000 (2.9)
  • Page 12 Siemensstr. 9, D-63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany URL : Frankfurt office +49(0) 6102-8332-0, Fax : +49(0) 6102-202616 Hitachi Kokusai Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hitachi Kokusai Electric U.K. Ltd. Beijing Branch Room 1413, Beijing Fortune Building, 5 Dong San Huan Bei-Lu, Head Office...