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Hitachi SK-HD1500 Brochure & Specs page 2

High speed hd camera
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Hitachi's SK-HD1500 High speed HD Camera
Studio and Field Production Camera
Latest Advanced High Speed Scan Sensors
Advanced 16 bit ADC and 38 bit DSP
Slow Motion Camera with 3x and 1x speed simultaneous HD Outputs
The SK-HD1500 is HITACHI's fifth-generation, triple-speed, slow-motion
HDTV Studio and Field production camera. It has been especially
developed in response to increased market demand for the acquisition
of high-quality HDTV images in sports and action events.
The pristine image starts with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of -58dB
w h i c h i s a t t a i n e d b y e m p l o y i n g t h e l a t e s t U l t r a - A d v a n c e d ,
High-speed/Sensitivity CCDs, state-of-the-art 16-bit analog to digital
converters and patented HITACHI digital processing technologies.
The camera system outputs these slow-motion frame rates: 1080i/180
or 1080i/150, 720p/180 or 720p/150. It simultaneously outputs normal
speed images [1080i/60, 1080i/50, 720p/60, 720p/50] from its camera
control unit (CCU) thus allowing dual recording of 2 different HD signals.
The SK-HD1500 can effectively be deployed in camera positions within
a venue replacing normal frame-rate HD cameras costing just as much.
Digital signal transmission via Hybrid Fiber
Optical Cable
Hitachi has brought to market the first 6Gbps, fully digital optical
transmission system in an HDTV production camera. It is the most
accurate transport available for the 10-bit, 1080i 150/180 images from
the camera head to the camera control unit. All command audio and
video signals to and from the camera are digitally transmitted hence,
totally immune to EMI/ RFI interference.
Superb High Definition picture reproduction
& enhancement tools
Luminance response tools
Selectable gamma tables
In addition to normal gamma point and balance adjustments, the
SK-HD1500 offers a multi-point gamma table that provides the user
with exposure control over just the darkest points in the image. It
enables adjustment of the initial gamma gain to optimize the repro-
duction of dark scene components. Hitachi's DSPs assure that no
additional noise components are introduced in the image even with
the most aggressive Gamma Table settings. Additionally, this function
does not change any of the other parameters of the video signal thus
maintaining overall exposure, detail, color reproduction and composition.
Ultra Gamma
This function dramatically increases the exposure latitude of the camera
in shooting conditions where the intensity of lighting and scenery varies
widely. Seven different ultra-gamma responses are pre-programmed to
suit just about every possible adverse shooting condition.
Camera power and cable condition supervision are also performed when
using standard SMPTE311-type Hybrid Fiber Cable. Full Auxiliary ( up to
4 digital, HD or SD ) video return and individual trunk video function for
one HD-SDI that use the space band of 1.5Gbps except triple speed
band of 4.5 Gbps are with a total of the SK-HD1500 transmission
system. The maximum HFOC length with applied camera power and
fully operational facilities is 4,000m (13,200 feet) with no utility power.
Unique to cameras in the SK-HD1500's price range are optical power
meters at the camera head ( via engineering menu ) and on the front of the
CU-HD1500 camera control unit. These meters indicate the optical
condition of both the receive and, transmit signals independently to
accurately depict the proximity to the "digital cliff", maximum cable
distance or provide basic fiber cable diagnostics in the field.
*HFOC distance with applied CCU power differs depending on the system configuration.
It is dependant on the type of lens used, viewfinder, studio adaptor, teleprompter and
other accessories that may be connected and thereby consuming power otherwise
available for the camera head.
Black stretch
Black stretch function allows for better reproduction of dark or
underexposed areas by evenly raising the luminance response without
changing the pedestal or white clip/ knee settings. It is especially
useful in high contrast image venues, outdoors or sport productions.
Linear and auto-knee
Like the peak video level control function of the white clip; the linear
knee function is made up of the actual knee ( level compression ) point
and its slope which improve overexposed portions of the picture by
compressing the video past a certain point. These points are user
The auto knee provides the perception of a wider dynamic range by
dynamically compressing ( varying knee and slope ) the video level in
accordance to the strength of its over-exposure.
1 ( 90% )
2 ( 85% )
3 ( 80% )
4 ( 75% )
5 ( 70% )
6 ( 65% )
7 ( 50% )



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