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For More Information; Getting To The Ok Prompt - Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T2000 Administration Manual

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Caution – Accessing the ok prompt suspends the Solaris OS.
When you access the ok prompt from a functioning SPARC Enterprise T2000 server,
you are suspending the Solaris OS and placing the system under firmware control.
Any processes that were running under the operating system are also suspended,
and the state of such processes might not be recoverable.
The commands you run from the ok prompt have the potential to affect the state of
the system. This means that it is not always possible to resume execution of the
operating system from the point at which it was suspended. Although the go
command will resume execution in most circumstances, in general, each time you
drop the system down to the ok prompt, you should expect to have to reboot the
system to get back to the operating system.

For More Information

For more information about the OpenBoot firmware, refer to the OpenBoot 4.x
Command Reference Manual. An online version of the manual is included with the
OpenBoot Collection AnswerBook that ships with Solaris software.

Getting to the ok Prompt

This procedure provides several ways of reaching the ok prompt. The methods are
not equally desirable. For details about when to use each method, see
"OpenBoot ok
Prompt" on page
Caution – Obtaining the ok prompt suspends all application and operating system
software. After you issue firmware commands and run firmware-based tests from
the ok prompt, the system might not be able to resume where it left off.
If possible, back up system data before starting this procedure. Also exit or stop all
applications, and warn users of the impending loss of service. For information about
the appropriate backup and shutdown procedures, see Solaris system administration
SPARC Enterprise T2000 Server Administration Guide • April 2007