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Troubleshooting - IBM 10/100 EtherJet User Manual

Mini-pci adapter with 56k modem
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The Combo card can't connect to
the Network.
The connection fails or errors
The adapter stopped working
without apparent cause.
The Wake on LAN (WOL) feature
is not working.
Resuming normal operation from
hibernation or suspend mode takes
a long time.
When you are prompted, restart your system.
Make sure that the cable is installed properly. The network cable
must be securely attached to the Ethernet connector and hub. The
maximum allowable distance from adapter to hub is 100 meters. If
the problem persists though the cable is attached and the distance is
within acceptable limits, try a different cable. If you're directly
connecting two computers without a hub or a switch, use a crossover
Make sure that you're using the correct drivers.
Make sure that you're using the drivers that come with the Combo
Make sure that the switch port and the adapter have the same duplex
setting. If you configured the adapter for full duplex, make sure that
the switch port is also configured for full duplex. Setting the wrong
duplex mode can degrade performance, cause data loss, or result in
lost connections.
At 100 Mbps, use Category 5 wiring and make sure that the network
cable is securely attached.
At 100 Mbps, connect to a 100BASE-TX hub/switch (not
Make sure that the duplex mode setting on the adapter matches the
setting on the switch.
The network driver files may be corrupt or missing. Remove the
drivers and then reinstall them.
Check the BIOS for its WOL setting.
Make sure that the network cable is fully attached to the adapter.
This is not a problem. If you have not connect the network cable,
the computer queries the Ethernet until the timeout timer is reached.
Connect the network.
Using the LAN


Table of Contents

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