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Fcc Regulations - Part 68 - IBM 10/100 EtherJet User Manual

Mini-pci adapter with 56k modem
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FCC Regulations - Part 68

To comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules and Regulations, Part 68, these instructions
must be followed:
1. Your modem must not be connected to a party line or coin-operated telephone.
2. If a problem occurs on the telephone line, your modem must be disconnected from the telephone line until it
has been determined that your modem is not the cause of the problem.
3. All repairs to your modem must be made by Xircom, Inc. Unauthorized or unorthodox repair methods can alter
the modem's radio frequency emissions and other characteristics sufficiently to void your authority to operate
the modem over a public telephone network.
4. If requested, you must be prepared to provide the telephone company with the following information:
Equipment Manufacturer: Xircom, Inc.
FCC Registration Number: See the unit labeling.
Ringer Equivalency Number:
This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC Rules. On the Xircom Mini PCI Modem 56 is a label that
contains, among other information,the FCC Registration Number and Ringer Equivalency Number (REN) for this
equipment. You must, upon request, provide this information to your telephone company. The REN is useful to
determine the quantity of devices you may connect to your telephone line and still have all those devices ring when
Union Europea - Normativa EMC
2300 Corporate Center Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320-1420 U.S.A.
1.0 (B)
Appendix C. Regulatory Agency Notices


Table of Contents

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