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Troubleshooting - IBM 10/100 EtherJet User Manual

Mini-pci adapter with 56k modem
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Your modem does not work
properly after you install the
Check the following:
The cable is connected to the modem card correctly.
You selected Xircom MPCI+ Modem 56 WinGlobal in the
application setting.
You are using the driver that is on the drivers CD shipped with the
Combo card.
For Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows 2000, the trouble
indicator (an X or ! symbol) appears on the modem icon in the
"Device Manager."
For Windows NT 4.0, the Windows NT 4.0 Event Viewer shows an
error message.
If these items are OK, do the following:
1. Click Start.
2. Move the cursor to Settings, and click Control Panel.
3. Double-click Modem.
4. Click Properties.
5. Click the Connection tab.
6. Clear the Wait for dial tone before dialing check box.
7. Click Advanced.
8. Clear the Use error control check box.
9. Select the Use flow control check box, and make sure that
Hardware (RTS/CTS) is selected.
10. Click the OK button to return to the Modem Properties window.
11. Click Dialing Properties, and click either Tone dialing or Pulse
dialing. Most telephones today use tone dialing.
12. Close all the windows opened in this process.


Table of Contents

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