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Safety And Energy Saving Functions - Zanussi ZCC 6680 Instruction Booklet

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Safety and energy saving functions

Safety Cut-Off Function
The oven will switch off automatically if any change of
setting is made, according to the table below (Fig. 12).
If temperature setting is:
the oven will switch off:
from 200 up to 245°C
from 120 up to 195°C
less than 120°C
Child Safety Function
To avoid children switching on the oven, it is possible
to lock the oven controls.
1. Turn off the oven by pressing button
2. Press buttons
keep them pressed for about 3 seconds. An
acoustic signal will be emitted and the indication
'SAFE' will appear in the display (Fig. 13).
3. The oven is now locked. Neither oven functions
nor temperatures can be selected.
To unlock the oven:
Press buttons
them pressed for about 3 seconds. An acoustic signal
will be emitted and the indication 'SAFE' will go off.
The oven can now be operated.
after 3 hours
after 5,5 hours
after 8,5 hours
after 12
Fig. 12
at the same time and
at the same time and keep
Fig. 13
"Fast Heat Up" function (Booster)
After a cooking function has been selected and the
temperature has been adjusted, the cavity will gradually
heat up until the selected temperature is reached. This
will take from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on selected
function and temperature.
If it is necessary to reach the required temperature in a
shorter time, the fast heat up function can be used.
1. Switch the oven on by pressing button
2. Set the required cooking function and temperature as
explained in the previous pages.
3. Set the temperature by pressing button
The temperature will appear in the display.
4. Press button
. The temperature display will show
"FHU" (Fig. 14).
5. Press button
and the symbol "
approximately 10 seconds. Now it is possible to
select the required temperature by pressing button
6. When the required temperature is reached, an acoustic
alarm will sound for a short time, and the temperature
display will revert to the set temperature.
This function can be used with any cooking function or
Residual Heat Function
When a Cooking Duration time is set, the oven will
automatically switch off a few minutes before the end of
the programmed time, and use the residual heat to finish
your dishes without energy consumption. All current
settings will be displayed until the Cooking Duration time
is over.
This function will not operate when the Cooking Duration
time is less than 15 minutes.
" will flash for
Fig. 14

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Table of Contents