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Zanussi ZCC 5609 Instruction Book

Mixed fuel cooker
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ZCC 5609
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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZCC 5609

  • Page 2 WARNINGS It is most important that this instruction book should be retained with the appliance for future reference. Should the appliance be sold or transferred, always ensure that the book is left with the appliance in order that the new owner can get to know the functions of the appliance and the relevant warnings.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Instructions for the Installer Technical features Installation Location Electrical connections Gas connection Regulation to different kinds of gas Instructions for the User Use and care Before the first use of the oven Electric oven Hints and Tips Grilling Rotisserie Using the hob Maintenance and cleaning Oven bulb remplacement...
  • Page 4: Instructions For The Installer

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INSTALLER TECHNICAL FEATURES Dimensions Height 855 mm Width 500 mm Depth 600 mm Oven Capacity 49 l Painted Pan support Enamelled Front right burner Rapid 3000 W Back right burner Auxiliary 1000 W Front left element Electric hotplate Ø 145 mm 1000 W Back left element Electric hotplate Ø...
  • Page 5: Installation

    INSTALLATION It is mandatory that all operations required for the Before installation ensure that the local distribution installation carried QUALIFIED conditions (gas type and pressure) and the pre- PERSONNEL in accordance with existing rules setting of the appliance are consistent. and regulations.
  • Page 6: Electrical Connections

    ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Any electrical work required to install If the supply cord is damaged, it must this hob and the supply cable should be be replaced by the manufacturer or its carried out by a qualified electrician or service agent or a similarly qualified person competent person, in accordance with the in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Page 7: Gas Connection

    GAS CONNECTION Gas connection must be carried out according to the rules in force. The manufacturing company release the unit, once tested, adjusted for the kind of gas stated on the adjustment label located on the back of the range, next to connection pipe. Be sure that you are going to connect the unit to the same kind of gas written on the plate.
  • Page 8: Regulation To Different Kinds Of Gas

    REGULATION TO DIFFERENT KINDS OF GAS Your cooker is designed to work with natural gas, propane or butane. It is not designed for butane or propane air. Connection to the LPG bottle should be carried out in accordance with the enclosed picture. The LPG conversion kit is available from your Service Force Centre and must be fitted by an authorised Service Engineer.
  • Page 9 Replace the nozzles of the hob burners Before any modifications or adapt the range to a kind of different gas, you must DISCONNECT the cooker from the electricity supply and ensure that all control knobs are in the OFF position, and the appliance has cooled completely.
  • Page 10: Instructions For The User

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USER USE AND CARE CONTROL PANEL 6 7 8 1. Back left hotplate control knob 6. Minute minder 2. Front left hotplate control knob 7. Main pilot light 3. Front right burner control knob 8. Oven thermostat pilot light 4.
  • Page 11: Before The First Use Of The Oven

    USE OF APPLIANCE Before the First Use of the Oven Remove all packaging, both inside and outside the oven, before using the oven. Before first use, the oven should be heated without food. During this time, an unpleasant odour may be emitted. This is quite normal. 1.
  • Page 12: Electric Oven

    ELECTRIC OVEN Oven Function Control Knob Model: ZCC5609 - Oven switched off Oven light 50-250 Thermostat position (temperature selection) Bottom oven element - enables you to finish off dishes on the bottom onl y. Top oven–element - enables you to finish Models: ZCC5610, ZCC5611B off dishes on the top only.
  • Page 13: Hints And Tips

    Grilling Preheat the oven the knob on position about 10 min. Insert the meal. When grilling, the accessible parts of the appliance are hot and the appliance Top oven element only should not be left unattended. Take care that This function is suitable for finishing cooked children do not play near it.
  • Page 14: Rotisserie

    Rotisserie (model: ZCC 5609) When using the rotisserie, the accessible parts of the appliance are hot and the appliance should not be left unsupervised. Take care that children do not play near it. While the rotisserie is operating leave the door closed.
  • Page 15: Using The Hob

    Using the Hob The Hob Burners The symbol on the knob corresponds to a symbol on the control panel (See description appliance). Maximum level Minimum level Use the maximum level for boiling and the minimum for simmering. Always choose positions between the minimum and maximum, never between maximum and off.
  • Page 16 It is important to note that the hotplates may smoke and produce a slightly unpleasant odour when used for the first time. This is quite normal and will disappear after some time. Suggestions for the correct setting of the plate are given in the following table: Very Gentle 1 To keep food warm...
  • Page 17 Ensure pans are large enough to avoid liquids being split into the plates. Never leave the plates on without a pan on them or with an empty pan on them. Take care never to lean or reach over a hot electric plate. Always point pan handles inward or over the work surface next to the hob to avoid accidentally knocking over a pan as you pass by.
  • Page 18: Maintenance And Cleaning

    MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING The oven should be kept clean at all times. A build-up of fats or other locking parts foodstuffs could result in a fire. Before cleaning, ensure all control knobs are in the OFF position, and the appliance has cooled completely. Before any maintenance or cleaning carried out,...
  • Page 19: Oven Bulb Replacement

    The Hotplates To apply vegetable oil: first heat the hotplate on a Spills onto the actual plate should be removed medium setting for 30 seconds then turn off. Pour a using warm water and a soft brush, nylon or very small amount of salt-free oil onto a dry cloth or plastic scourer.
  • Page 20: Something Not Working

    SOMETHING NOT WORKING If the appliance is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks, before contacting the nearest Electolux Service. IMPORTANT: If you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.
  • Page 21: Guarantee Conditions

    GUARANTEE CONDITIONS Guarantee stipulated in the contract 2 years starting from setting into function the manufacturer will replace the damaged parts except cases mentioned chapter “Reserves”. Conditions for applying For applying this guarantee you have to direct to the distributor who sold you the appliance and submit to him your Guarantee Certificate.

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