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Energy Efficiency - Zanussi ZCE65210WA User Manual

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The power cable must not touch the
part of the appliance shaded in the

Energy efficiency

Product information for hob according to EU 66/2014
Model identification
Type of hob
Number of cooking zones
Heating technology
Diameter of circular cooking zones
Energy consumption per cooking
zone (EC electric cooking)
Energy consumption of the hob (EC electric hob)
EN 60350-2 - Household electric cooking
appliances - Part 2: Hobs - Methods for
measuring performance.
Hob - Energy saving
You can save energy during everyday cooking if
you follow below hints.
• When you heat up water, use only the
amount you need.
• If it is possible, always put the lids on the
Product Fiche and information for ovens according to EU 65-66/2014
Supplier's name
Model identification
Energy Efficiency Index
Hob inside Freestanding Cooker
Solid Hot Plate
Left front
Left rear
Right front
Right rear
Left front
Left rear
Right front
Right rear
• Before you activate the cooking zone put the
cookware on it.
• The cookware bottom should have the same
diameter as the cooking zone.
• Put the smaller cookware on the smaller
cooking zones.
• Put the cookware directly in the centre of the
cooking zone.
• Use the residual heat to keep the food warm
or to melt it.
22.0 cm
14.5 cm
14.5 cm
18.0 cm
196.9 Wh/kg
196.9 Wh/kg
198.5 Wh/kg
196.3 Wh/kg
197.2 Wh/kg