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Location Requirements - Whirlpool CGM2751TQ1 Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial gas or electric dryer
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@ Provide a gas supply l ine of1/2" rigid (IPS) pipe tothedryer
location. Pipe ioint c ompounds thatresist theaction ofLPgas
must b eused. DonotuseTEFLON
_ttape. W ith LPgas,
piping ortubing size canbe1/2" minimum. Usually, LPgas
suppliers determine thesize andmaterials used inthesystem.
Alternate m ethod
@The gassupply m ay also beconnected using % "approved
copper oraluminum t ubing. Ifthetotal l ength o fthesupply
line ismore than 20feet ( 6.1 m), l arger tubing w ill b erequired.
Ifusing natural gas, d onotusecopper tubing. Pipe ioint
thatresist theaction ofLPgasmust b eused.
F[exiMe metal a ppliance c onnector:
@ Itisrecommended
thata new flexible s tainless steel gasline,
byCSA International,
beused forconnecting
thedryer tothegassupply l ine. ( The gaspipe which extends
through t helower r ear o fthedryer i sprovided with%"mate
pipe thread.)
@ Donotkinkordamage theflexible s tainless steel gasline
when moving t hedryer.
Rigid pipe connection:
The rigid pipe connection requires acombination
ofpipe fittings
toobtain a nin-line connection tothedryer.
@ Must i nclude a shutoff valve:
The supply l ine must b eequipped witha manual shutoff valve
installed within 6 ft.(1.8 m)ofdryer i naccordance
National Fuel Gas Code, ANSi Z223.1. inCanada, an
individual manual shutoff valve must b einstalled in
with theB149 installation codes C AN/CGA
B149.1 andCAN/CGA B149.2. This valve should b elocated i n
thesame room asthedryer, itshould b einalocation t hat
allows e ase ofopening and closing. Donotblock access to
shutoff valve. The valve isforturning o norshutting offgasto
A ..............
A. Gas supp!y line
B. Shutoff valve "open" position
C. To dryer
1-@TEFLON is a registered trademark
of E.L Du Pont De Nemours and Company,
Installed in a confined area:
If the dryer is installed in a confined area such as a bathroom
or closet, provision must be made for enough air for
and ventilation. Check governing codes and
ordinances or refer to the "Recessed Area and Closet
Installation Instructions" in the "Location Requirements"
Gas Supply
A 1/8"NPT minimum plugged tapping, accessible for gauge
testing, must be installed immediately upstream of the gas supply
connection to the dryer.
The dryer must be disconnected
from the gas supply piping
system during any pressure testing of the system at test
pressures in excess of 1/, psig.
Fire Hazard
Use a heavy metal vent.
Do not use a plastic vent,
Do not use a metal foil vent,
Failure to follow
these instructions
can result in death
or fire.
To reduce the risk of fire, this dryer MUST BE
The dryer vent must not be connected into any gas vent,
chimney, wahl, ceiling, or a concealed space of a building.
Do not use an exhaust hood with a magnetic latch.
Do not instal[ flexible metal vent in enclosed wails, ceilings or
4" (10.2 cm) heavy metal vent and cIamps must be used.
Use clamps to seal al[ joints. Vent must not be connected or
secured with screws or other fastening devices which extend
into the interior of the vent. Do not use duct tape.
iMPORTANT: Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
Use a heavy metal vent. Do not use plastic or metal foiI vent.
Rigid metal vent is recommended to prevent crushing and
Flexible metal vent must be fully extended and supported when
the dryer is in its final position. Remove excess flexible meta! vent
to avoid sagging and kinking that may result in reduced airflow
and poor performance.
An exhaust hood should cap the vent to prevent rodents and
insects from entering the home or business.
Exhaust hood must be at least 12" (30.5 cm) from the ground or
any object that may be in the path of the exhaust (such as
flowers, rocks or bushes).