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Connect Vent - Whirlpool CGM2751TQ1 Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial gas or electric dryer
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Three wire with ground wire: green or bare
wire cut short. Wire is not used. Dryer is
grounded through neutral conductor.
of wires
_ insulation
of wires into
a hook.
(8_9 cm)
Strip 3_" (8_9 cm) of outer
covering from end of cable. Strip
insulation back 1" (2_5 cm). If using
3 wire cable with ground wire, cut
green or bare wire even with outer
A. 3/4"conduit connector
B. Neutrat (white or center)
C. lO-gauge, 3 wire with ground wire in
flexible metallic conduit
Use this method where Bocat codes permit
neutraB ground wire to
neutraB wire:
5, Loosen or remove the center terminal
block screw.
6, Place the hooked end of the neutral wire
(white or center) of the direct wire cable
under the center screw of the terminal
block (hook facing right). Squeeze
hooked end together. Tighten screw,
7, Place the hooked ends of the other
direct wire cable wires under the outer
terminal block screws (hook facing right),
Squeeze hooked ends together. Tighten
8, Insert tab of the terminal block cover into
slot of the dryer rear panel. Secure cover
with hold-down screw.
A. External ground conductor screw
B. Center terminal block screw
C. Outer tem_inal block screws
D. Neutral (center wire)
E. Appliance neutral ground wire
Use this method where mocam codes do
not permit connecting
neutra_ ground
wire to neutrat wire:
5, Remove the center terminal block screw.
6, Remove the appliance neutral ground wire
from the external ground conductor screw,
Connect the appliance neutral ground wire
and the neutral wire (white or center) of the
direct wire cable under the center, silver-
colored terminal block screw. Tighten
7, Connect the other wires to outer terminal
block screws, Tighten screws.
8, insert tab of the terminal block cover into
slot of the dryer rear panel. Secure cover
with hold-down screw,
9, After reattaching the terminal cover,
connect a separate copper ground wire
from the external ground connector screw
to an adequate ground.
if codes permit and a separate ground wire is
used, it is recommended
that a qualified
electrician determine that the ground path is
A. Separate copper ground wire
B. External ground conductor screw
C. Appliance neutral ground wire
D. Center terminal block screw
E. Outar tert72nal block screws
F. Neutral (center wire)
1, Using a 4" (10,2 cm) clamp, connect vent to exhaust outlet in
dryer, If connecting to existing vent, make sure the vent is
clean, The dryer vent must fit over the dryer exhaust outlet
and inside the exhaust hood, Make sure the vent is secured to
exhaust hood with a 4" (10,2 cm) clamp,
2, Move dryer into final position, Do not crush or kink vent, Make
sure dryer is level,
With dryer in final position place level on top of the dryer, first
side to side; then front to back, If the dryer is not level, adjust
the legs of the dryer up or down until the dryer is level.
2. Plug in dryer or reconnect power,
3. Check dryer operation (some accumulated
time may be on
the timer due to factory testing),
Insert coins in slide and press slide in slowly, (Operating time
will accumulate per number of coins and type of timing cam
used.) Push START/RESTART button. Using a fulI heat cycle
(not the air cycle), Iet the dryer run for at least five minutes,
Dryer will stop when time is used up.
NOTE: Dryer door must be closed for dryer to operate. When
door is open, dryer stops, but timer continues to run. To
restart dryer, close door and push START/RESTART button,
4, If drying time is too long, make sure Iint screen is clean.
5, Now start the dryer and allow it to complete a fulI heat cycle
(not air cycle) to make sure it is working properly.