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Connect Vent - Whirlpool CGM2751TQ1 Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial gas or electric dryer
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The console houses the factory-installed
accumulator timer with
actuating arm and button.
The factory-installed
timer is set to provide 45 minutes (4 pins) of
drying time when activated by the coin slide. Timer cams for
30-minute (6 pins) and 60-minute (3 pins) drying times are
included in the parts bag.
The coin slide mechanism, control panel lock and key, and coin
box lock and key are not included and are available from usual
industry sources.
NOTE: Slide dryer onto cardboard or hardboard before moving to
avoid damaging floor covering.
1. Using two or more people, move dryer to desired installation
2. Take tape off front corners of dryer. Open dryer and remove
the literature and parts packages. Wipe the interior of the
drum thoroughly with a damp cloth.
3. Take two of the cardboard corners from the carton and place
them on the floor in back of the dryer. Firmly grasp the body
of the dryer and gently Iay it on its back on the cardboard
4. With one of the legs in hand, check the ridges for a diamond
marking. That's how far the leg is supposed to go into the
5. Start to screw the leveling legs into the holes by hand. (Use a
small amount of liquid detergent to lubricate the screw
threads so it is easier to turn the legs.) Use a 1-inch wrench or
socket wrench to finish turning the legs until you reach the
diamond mark.
Now stand the dryer up.
6. Remove the service door of the meter case by lifting it up at
the back. Install the money-accepting
device. (Refer to
instructions for proper installation.)
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Remove red cap from gas pipe.
Connect gas supply to dryer. Use pipe-joint compound
resistant to the action of LR gas for gas connections. If
flexible metal tubing is used, be certain there are no kinks.
If necessary for service, open the toe panel. Use a putty knife
to press on the toe panel Iock located at the center top of the
toe panel. PulI downward on the toe panel to open. Toe panel
is hinged at the bottom.
Open the shutoff valve in the gas supply line.
Test all connections by brushing on an approved noncorrosive
solution. Bubbles will show a leak. Correct any
leak found.
1. Using a 4" (10.2 cm) clamp, connect vent to exhaust outlet in
dryer. If connecting to existing vent, make sure the vent is
clean. The dryer vent must fit over the dryer exhaust outlet
and inside the exhaust hood. Make sure the vent is secured to
exhaust hood with a 4" (10.2 cm) clamp.
2. Move dryer into final position. Do not crush or kink vent. Make
sure dryer is level.
3. Check to be sure there are no kinks in the flexible gas line.
With dryer in final position place leve! on top of the dryer, first
side to side; then front to back. If the dryer is not level, adjust
the legs of the dryer up or down until the dryer is level.
Electrica_ Shock Hazard
P_ug into a grounded
3 prong out_et,
Do not remove ground
Do not use an adapter.
Do not use an extension
Failure to follow these instructions
can result in death,
fire, or electrical
For dryers using coin slides, use the adapter kit supplied with
the dryer.
7. Replace the meter case service door. Put the coin vault with
lock and key in the meter case opening.
8. Remove cardboard or hardboard from under dryer.
Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
Check dryer operation (some accumulated
time may be on
the timer due to factory testing).
Insert coins in slide and press slide in slowly. (Operating time
will accumulate per number of coins and type of timing cam
used.) Push START/RESTART button. Using a full heat cycle