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Beam Oceana 800 User Manual

Ow power radio transmitter and receiver.
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Oceana 800
User Manual


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  • Page 1

    Oceana 800 User Manual...

  • Page 2: Inmarsat Notification

    Information furnished by BEAM Communications Pty Ltd (BEAM) is believed to be to any person resulting from the use of the accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by BEAM for its use, or for any information in this user guide.

  • Page 3: About Beam Communications

    Forestry, Emergency Services, Relief Aid, Telemetry and Rural Telephony. Fax: +61 3 9560 9055 Supported by a dedicated team of professionals, BEAM has developed solid relationships with its peers and network of distributors worldwide. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Oceana 800 Part Number Status LED Routing Cables (for vehicle installations) Oceana 800 Feature Buttons/LED lights Inmarsat Notification Guidelines for Electrical Connections Assuring Quality of Service About Beam Communications Installation Procedure Specification Summary Conventions in this Manual Installing the Oceana 800...

  • Page 5: Conventions In This Manual

    Describes a call initiated by the Oceana 800 warning note providing information to prevent Mobile Terminating Describes an incoming call being answered by the Oceana 800 damage to equipment or personal injury. ® The ® symbol, mark and logos are owned by the respective companies of which the symbol follows.

  • Page 6: Package Contents

    Package Contents Optional Accessories Other Resources Available Online Check that your Oceana 800 package contains The following optional accessories are available - Advanced Configuration – in-built to Falcon all of the following items: for your Oceana 800: - Quick Start Guide & Manual...

  • Page 7: Safety Information

    Do not submerge the system in water. in bodily injury or even death. • Do not place foreign metal objects or debris in the system. If debris enters into the system, please return to the manufacturer for service. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 8: Safety Transceiver Oceana 800

    Safety Transceiver Oceana 800 Your Oceana 800 is a low power radio transmitter and receiver. When it is ON, it » International Commission on Non-Ionizing receives and also sends out radio frequency Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) 1996 (RF) signals. » Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker IMPORTANT •...

  • Page 9: Oceana 800 Fcc Information

    • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 10: Electronic Devices

    RF signals from determine if it is adequately shielded from the Oceana 800. external RF energy. Your physician may be able to assist you in obtaining this information.

  • Page 11: Oceana 800 Key Features

    • Compatible with other tracking applications In-Built Speakerphone Panic & Instant messaging • In-built speaker and microphone • Bluetooth • Panic alert button in-built to terminal • Interfaces to BEAM’s LeoTRAK-Online BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 12

    Track button on the front of the Oceana 800. The Instant Message mode can be activated on the Oceana 800 in the following ways; Lift the plastic lid cover and press the button on the front of the terminal.

  • Page 13: Equipment Overview

    16. Back panel connectors a. RJ9 privacy handset b. RJ11/POTS interface c. Auxiliary device port d. DC power and accessory input e. Instant message port or ring alert / audio system mute BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 14: Installation Guidelines

    WARNING mounting hardware. positive terminal of the battery. Often, Do not connect the Oceana 800 power cable to • Leave space around the unit to allow direct connection to the battery is power the unit until the full installation is completed.

  • Page 15: Installation Procedure

    Installation Procedure 1) Install the Antenna Antenna Connection Diagram for OC800 Maritime Antenna (Active) To connect the Oceana 800 to the antenna, Installing the Oceana 800 requires the use of certified satellite and GPS The following sections detail the installation of antenna cables.

  • Page 16

    SIM use. DO NOT pull with force on the cables from the rear of the Oceana 800. Please install strain relief The side SIM port is located at the right side of the clamping for the antenna cables where required.

  • Page 17

    The Rear SIM is accessed from the rear of the terminal. Undo the screw and remove the cover. Once opened, raise the SIM tray as shown below. Replace the SIM cover, and tighten the screw. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 18

    3a) Wall Mounting Orientation Installation of Side SIM The Side SIM port can be used on its own, or in There are eight (8) fixing holes available addition to the primary port. for mounting the bracket to a wall. It is Insert the SIM with the gold contacts recommended that at least 3 screws are used facing down...

  • Page 19

    3b) Desk Mounting Orientation Locking Bolt Once the Oceana 800 has been secured onto The Oceana 800 supports a desk mount the mounting plate, a locking bolt prevents configuration. The unit supports both a flat and the terminal separating from the mounting raised orientation on the desk.

  • Page 20

    4) Privacy Handset & Mounting Cup Changing Cups (1) Springless Cup for Normal light-use The Privacy Handset is part of the Oceana 800, Desk mounted cradle position. providing a local handset function. Unhook the privacy handset from cup. The Privacy Handset connects to the rear of the Use a flat screw driver in one of the two The ‘springless’...

  • Page 21

    5) Rear Connector Bay (2) Spring Cup - Heavy duty use cup In harsh environments, the Privacy handset is For the Oceana 800, the external cable interfaces Under the cover are five interface connectors: actively retained in the mounting cup. This is are at the rear of the Terminal.

  • Page 22

    Telephone Service) Telephone is supported by the Wire 2 (Black) = Audio System Mute. Message loop. This provides a Normally Oceana 800. The terminal supplies power to the CLOSED wire loop, which can be used to analogue phone as well as ring, dial and busy tones.

  • Page 23

    9) USB Port Connection (lower side) The Oceana 800 terminal has a mini USB data port to enable upgrading of the firmware, advanced configuration, and data connection. NOTE To restore water resistant and IP rating when USB is not in use, please refit the rubber USB cap.

  • Page 24

    1A fuse between wire can be connected to a switch. them. If the SLEEP function is not required, By default, the Oceana 800 will stay on for the YELLOW wire MUST be connected to 20 minutes when this input (YELLOW wire) is the RED wire permanently switched off before entering into sleep mode.

  • Page 25

    Cables may exit via path ‘A’ that travels around antenna connectors to allow routing of cables to the top of the Oceana 800 allowing for the through a wall. A “clean” installation free of any interface cables to be run with coaxial antenna visible cabling can be achieved by running the cables.

  • Page 26

    The USB rubber cap is required to ensure The Oceana 800 has an Ingress Protection (IP) ingress protection. rating of 54. When installing the Oceana 800 it is important that the following steps are taken to ensure the protection is maintained.

  • Page 27: Operation

    13) Configuration Settings Configuration using Falcon SIM PIN USE The Oceana 800 terminal is ready for you to Falcon can be downloaded from: make voice calls as soon as it is registered. If you If your SIM Card requires activation, follow wish to customise the operation of your Oceana

  • Page 28: Registration

    The terminal has now loaded a default PIN Ensure you have at least two bars of of “8888” into the SIM. The Oceana 800 signal strength. NOTE terminal has also DISABLED the SIM PIN...

  • Page 29: Tracking & Instant Message Configuration (optional)

    Phone Call – Mobile Originating” through the below link as required. Dial using the full Inmarsat dialing sequence Press the RED key on the Oceana 800 eg. 00 country code and telephone number keypad or press the speakerphone button on the keypad.

  • Page 30: Rj11/pots Phone Use

    For mobile terminated calls, the call will remain tone will be heard on the RJ11/POTS handset. the front of the Oceana 800, a RED LED will active for ~90 seconds even if the RJ11/POTS illuminate the Mute button to confirm that phone is placed ON HOOK.

  • Page 31: Tracking And Instant Message

    Tracking function is disabled. It will turn solid GREEN if all of the above conditions are satisfied. Otherwise, it will flash in GREEN if the Tracking function is enabled but no GPS fix and/or GSPS registration has occured. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 32: Getting Started

    Getting Started Menu Display Contents User guide instructions commence from the main screen. The red key will take you to the main screen. Messaging Contacts Settings New message Call settings Phonebook Inbox Security SIM contacts Outbox Language FND list Drafts Display My phone number Sent...

  • Page 33

    To access Info at other and time zone times, press the centre selection key. When Info The first time you power on your Oceana 800, is open, use the navigation keys to highlight the you will be prompted to select your language.

  • Page 34: Using Your Oceana 800

    Using your Oceana 800 Connecting to the satellite Making and receiving calls Making a call from saved contacts When your terminal is connected you may be prompted to enter a PIN, enter the PIN code. Select Menu > Contacts > Phonebook. Scroll to...

  • Page 35

    You will see Call from followed by either the name of the caller (if listed in your Phonebook or SIM contacts), the calling number, or Withheld. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 36

    Receiving a second call while on a call If you do not wish to accept the second call, To place an inbound call into conference The incoming call will be diverted to your press the red key. The call is disconnected and without answering it first, select Options >...

  • Page 37

    When enabled, your Oceana For details on emergency calling in the rest of service provider. 800 will beep after every minute of your call. the world, please contact your service provider. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 38

    Advanced call features Setting up call summary Alternatively, select Contacts > Phonebook. Use Select Menu > Settings > Call settings > Call the navigation keys to highlight the contact Advanced call features are controlled by the summary and then use the navigation and name, press the centre selection key to open or Inmarsat network.

  • Page 39

    Call barring You will need to enter this new pass code Diverting calls An Oceana 800 SIM card always uses an whenever you change your call barring settings. Select Menu > Settings > Call settings > international number format, + or 00, and Call divert.

  • Page 40

    After making your selection, you will be prompted Call Processing on RJ11/POTS Phone When call processing is enabled the user will to enter the phone number or voicemail to which Call processing is the ability for the terminal have the following customizable parameters: calls are to be diverted.

  • Page 41

    To limit outbound calls or text messages to a specific country or range of corporate numbers, create an FND list entry with the international prefix and local prefix you BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 42

    Messaging compose the parts of your message that will type e (number 3) the dictionary begins to Messages can be sent via the screen message not change. Select Options > Save as template. narrow down the words that begin with he. menu, or via Falcon.

  • Page 43

    Compose your message. See “Entering text” on page 42 for more information. When you have key repeatedly until your chosen mode icon is indicated. The modes are: finished, add the recipient(s). If their details are BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 44

    ; after the entry, allowing you to enter Alternatively, with Info open, use the centre Your Oceana 800 can also send text messages another address. When you move the cursor selection and navigation keys to highlight and to email addresses.

  • Page 45

    Phonebook. See “Creating a new contact” on the centre selection key. Now select Options > group from the list and compose your message. page 48 for more information. Add member. This will retrieve your phonebook. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 46

    You can also add members to groups directly Validity period: Specifies the length of time your To enter a service centre number, select Menu from your phonebook. In your phonebook, message will remain in the network, should it be > Messaging > Options > Settings > Text msg simply highlight the contact, select Options >...

  • Page 47

    Note that requesting a new fix will temporarily please contact your service provider. or possessions. This situation may change. Contact delay the sending of your location. your service provider for more information. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 48: Phonebook, Contacts & Organiser

    SIM contacts. Up to 300 contacts can be stored in the contact, press the centre selection key and the phonebook and up to 250 on your Oceana 800 You can find a contact in your phonebook either then select Yes. Or select Options > Save > Yes.

  • Page 49

    To copy a contact from your terminal’s memory to your SIM card, select Phonebook and highlight the contact. Select Options > Copy to SIM. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 50

    Sending and receiving contact details Your phone number To send a business card, highlight the On the Oceana 800 main screen, open Info by appropriate contact in your phonebook or pressing the centre selection key and selecting SIM contacts folder and select Options > Send My phone number.

  • Page 51

    Creating an entry in your organiser Select Menu > Extras > Organiser. Highlight the relevant day using the navigation keys or Options > Go to date and select Options > BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 52: Personalised Setting

    Personalised settings • Message alert – the sound your Terminal may be set to 0. This is the default for silent. makes when it receives a text message To change the ringtone volume, select Back to Sounds, ringtones and profiles return to Profiles.

  • Page 53

    Language icon and press the centre selection key • Press the centre selection key and use the navigation keys to highlight the correct language and press the centre selection key again to change the Terminal’s language BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 54

    Setting date and time Setting the time zone Customising display settings Lighting the keypad and screen Your terminal automatically receives UTC time You may wish to change the local time zone on from GPS satellites. The first time you use your your terminal if you move to a new location or if The backlights for the screen and keypad can be terminal, you will be prompted to select a...

  • Page 55

    30 minutes, after which time the or user codes, PINs, organiser entries, contacts, Automatic keypad lock, and then select the Oceana 800 will automatically lock. You will be messages or call logs. To return these to default duration before the keypad is locked. Deactivate prompted to Enter phone lock code.

  • Page 56: Security

    SIM even if they place it in another terminal. Creates User code 4-6 digits The admin code restricts access to particular features on the Oceana 800. For example, an THE SIM CARD individual might only wish to activate the Restricts access to SIM card...

  • Page 57

    4-8 digit code for SIM PIN is 8888. The Enter the existing PIN 2 code, then the new PIN default setting is off. 2 code. Repeat the new PIN 2 code to confirm it. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 58: Types Of Tones On Rj11/pots

    Phone has been left offhook repeating. for > 15 seconds and is not Unread message Navigation keys in a call. Right selection key Oceana 800 Main Dial Keypad Red key Keypad locked USB connection Centre selection key Green key Alarm set...

  • Page 59

    5 seconds to indicate message sending. OR Transceiver upgrade mode active. LED Flashing Red - Firmware upgrade mode active *This action is optional, only when the Tracking Mode for your Oceana 800 is configured and activated. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 60: Status Led

    Status LED The Status LED indicates the terminal registration state or any error conditions: YELLOW GREEN • No signal DTR present on data Unit registered and ILLUMINATED • Not registered port can place a call. • No SIMcard Firmware upgrade Data call in progress Call in progress FLASHING...

  • Page 61: Assuring Quality Of Service

    Oceana 800. This will void the terminal’s warranty. Symptoms of RF Interference Symptoms of RF interference often resemble those that arise when an antenna is being operated with an obstructed view of the sky.

  • Page 62: Specification Summary

    GPS MODULE (internal) Electrical & Environmental Oceana 800 Channels 14 tracking, 51 channel acquiring Specifications - Oceana 800 Update Rate ISD710 Maritime Antenna (Active) 1 x spring cup (attached to terminal) 1 x springless cup Accuracy Position 2.5m CEP, Velocity 0.1m/s,...

  • Page 63: Physical Dimensions - Oceana

    Physical Dimensions - Oceana 800 93mm 185mm BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 64: Mounting Dimensions - Oceana

    Mounting Dimensions - Oceana 800 51mm 74.5mm 3.0mm 5.5mm 8.5mm 138.0mm 168.5mm...

  • Page 65: Troubleshooting

    Service provider highlight the Language icon The Terminal cannot receive a text message. How do I know if my Oceana 800 is and press the centre selection key registered on the Inmarsat network? The Oceana 800 can store a maximum of...

  • Page 66

    800 is firmly fitted. Ensure the antenna cable has not been Check all the connection cables to and damaged. from the Oceana 800. Ensure that only approved antenna cable Check for short-circuit on antenna cables. has been used. Refer to Antenna Install Guide on BEAM The signal bars are low or fluctuating website support.

  • Page 67: Beam Warranty Conditions

    BEAM warranty. defective or is found to be defective as the result agreed upon in writing by BEAM. of improper use, maintenance or neglect. BEAM Oceana 800 - Installation & User Manual...

  • Page 68

    BEAM Communications 8 Anzed Court, Mulgrave Victoria, 3170, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 8588 4500 Fax: +61 3 9560 9055 Web: Info: Support:

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