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Korg MS-20 Kit Owner's Manual: Troubleshooting

Monophonic synthesizer.
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Confirming functionality
After assembling all of the parts, make sure that there are no
parts remaining, and then follow the entire assembly procedure
in this assembly manual to confirm that the device has been
correctly assembled.
If this device has been correctly assembled, follow the proce-
dures in "Basic Operation" (p. 15) to confirm its functionality.
If a problem has been found in the assembly or functionality ,
follow the troubleshooting procedure that's described below to
resolve the problem.
Assembly troubleshooting
• Extra parts remaining
More screws, nuts and washers than the number that 
will be used are included.
If  there  are  any  other  parts  remaining,  return  to  the 
step  where  those  parts  were  used  and  correctly  per-
form the assembly procedure.
• Parts missing
If  any  parts  are  missing,  contact  your  local  Korg  dis-
If any parts are damaged or missing before beginning 
the assembly procedure, contact your local Korg dis-
• Cannot be assembled. Parts are damaged.
Contact your local Korg distributor.
• After being assembled, the device produces a strange
noise if it is tilted or shaken.
There may be a loose screw or some other loose part 
within the device. Open the rear panel and check in-
side the device.
• The controls or jacks are loose.
Remove the knob, and then firmly tighten the nut.


If any control does not function even though it has been set, a
faulty cable connection may have occurred during assembly.
Check the appropriate cable according to the symptom.
• The device does not turn on.
→ Is the 9-pin red wire harness or 5-pin purple wire harness dis-
• No sound is produced from the headphones.
→ Is the 13-pin orange wire harness or 8-pin yellow wire harness 
• No sound is produced when a keyboard key is pressed.
→  Is  the  10-pin  blue  wire  harness  or  7-pin  grey  wire  harness 
• The device is turned on, but the MODULATION GENERA-
TOR LED does not blink.
→ Is the 15-pin brown wire harness disconnected?
section do not work.
→ Is the 12-pin green wire harness disconnected?
• Buttons do not function when pressed.
→ Is the 2-pin blue/green wire harness disconnected?
• The control wheel does not function when adjusted.
→  Is  the  4-pin  brown/red/orange/yellow  wire  harness  discon-
VCF setting
The VCFs (high-pass filter & low-pass filter) of the original MS-
20 are differentiated into the earlier and later filters, depending
on the production date.
Since the circuitry of these two types of filters differs, they have
different sound quality characteristics, although their frequency
characteristics are similar.
The MS-20 Kit is equipped with both types of filters for you to
select as desired.
Setting procedure
Insert the short pin into the 3-pin header on the back of the VR
circuit board (large).
When the short pin is inserted into the later filter (late type), the
later filter is set.
VR circuit board (large)
short pin
TIP As  the  factory  default,  the  short  pin  is  set  to  the  earlier  filter 
(early type).
  Before switching the short pin, be sure to turn off the MS-20.
Quick selection
To compare the sound of the originally installed filter with the
other filter, temporarily change the setting as described below.
• To select the earlier filter, hold down the F#3, G#3 and A#3
keys and turn on the MS-20.
• To select the later filter, hold down the F#3, G#3 and B3
keys and turn on the MS-20.
TIP No matter which filter is set with the above operations, the set-
ting  will  revert  to  the  filter  set  with  the  short  pin  on  the  circuit 
board when the MS-20 is turned off.


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