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Korg MS-20 Kit Owner's Manual: About Midi; Connecting Midi Devices; Connecting A Computer

Monophonic synthesizer.
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4. About MIDI

The MIDI IN connector and USB port on the MS-20 Kit are some
of the main differences between it and the original MS-20.
By connecting the MS-20 Kit to a computer, you can perform
with it while using a sequencer.

Connecting MIDI devices

In order to transmit/receive MIDI information, you can use com-
mercially available MIDI cables. Connect the MIDI connector of
the MS-20 Kit to the MIDI connector of the external MIDI device
where information will be exchanged.
MIDI IN connector: This receives MIDI messages from other
MIDI devices. This should be connected to the MIDI OUT con-
nector of the other device.
The only MIDI messages that can be received at the MIDI IN
connector are note messages (Velocity is disabled) on MIDI
channel 1 (fixed).
TIP If a Note On message with a note number of 92 or more is re-
ceived, the message will become invalid, and the sound being 
produced will stop. It will also be invalid if a note number is 11 or 
less; however, the sound will continue to be produced.

Connecting a computer

Use a USB cable to directly connect the MS-20 Kit to a com-
puter equipped with a USB port in order to receive MIDI mes-
sages in the same way as with the MIDI connectors.
The only MIDI messages that can be transmitted and received
at the USB port are note messages (Velocity is transmitted fixed
at 64 and reception is disabled) on MIDI channel 1 (fixed).
TIP The only MIDI messages that are transmitted are note messag-
es transmitted when the keyboard is played. Messages, for ex-
ample, for pitch bend and modulation, will not be transmitted.
TIP When connecting via USB, the KORG USB-MIDI driver must be 
installed. Download the KORG USB-MIDI driver from the Korg 
Web  site  (  or  http:// ), and then install it according to the instructions 
in the document included with the driver. 
About the MIDI implementation chart
The MIDI implementation chart lists the MIDI messages that
can be transmitted and received. When using a MIDI device,
compare the MIDI implementation charts to check that the MIDI
messages are compatible.
TIP Detailed MIDI specifications are provided under MIDI implemen-
tation.  For  more  information  on  MIDI  implementation,  visit  the 
Korg  Web  site  (  or ).
37 Keys (3 octaves)
Control wheel (center click), Momentary
switch (
SIGNAL IN jack (1/4" phone jack), SIG-
NAL OUT jack (1/4" phone jack, 2Vp-p
output impedance 3.5kΩ), PHONES jack
(1/4" Stereo phone jack, 33Ω 48mW),
DC12V jack, MIDI IN, USB typeB
Power supply:
573 mm (W) x 316 mm (D) x 248 mm (H)
/ 22.56" (W) x 12.44" (D) x 9.76" (H)
6.3 kg / 13.89 lbs.
Included items:
10x Patch cord, AC adapter (
* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improve-
, 12V)


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