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KORG D1600 Manuald Tour: Create A "16-2" Virtual Mixdown

Digital recording studio.
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KORG D1600 Guided Tour

Create a "16-2" Virtual Mixdown:

The D1600 features a number of ways to bounce multiple tracks, including an exclusive "16-2" function that lets you bounce multiple
mixes to selected Virtual track pairs, with varied effects and EQ, and then select your favorite mixdown from the Virtual tracks.
Copy the demo song "SISTER DANCE" to a new song location:
1. Press the SONG key, then press the "SelSong" tab in the display.
2. Press the ">" popup button to the left of the current song name, then press the " " button to move up in the song list and
select the copied song "I001:SISTER DANCE".
3. Press the "OK" button to load the song.
4. Press the "EditSong" tab, then press the">" popup button in the upper left, and press the "Copy" radio button, followed by
pressing the "OK" button.
5. The "edit cell" to the left of "Exec." will indicate the next available empty song location. Press the "Exec." button, then press
the "Yes" button, followed by pressing the "OK" button, to copy the song.
6. Press the ">" popup button again, and press the "Protect" radio button, followed by the "OK" button.
7. Press the "Exec." button to make the "lock" icon disappear and un-protect the copied
Perform a Virtual "16-2" mixdown:
1. Press the RECORD key (to the left of the TRACK key), then press the "RecMode" tab.
2. Press the "Bounce" radio button, then press the "Bounce" tab.
3. Press the "16Tr>2Tr" radio button.
4. Press the "edit cell" "Current" and rotate the DIAL to set to " b " (Virtual track "b"). This sets the bounce destination Virtual
5. Press the SCENE key (lit), then press the "MixView" tab. Move the Channel 13 and 14 faders and Pan knobs so that the
original values for each are displayed. The "icons" in the MixView display will help you to set these controls. When the faders
and pan knobs reach the original positions, the arrows to the left of the MixView display will "double", indicating that original
values have been recalled.
Tracks 13 and 14 were selected for this bounce exercise because their original pan positions were set to be recorded in
stereo. This way, the Virtual mixdown will include all track original pan settings, and end up mixed in full stereo imaging. But
bouncing to existing tracks within the same Song can be a problem, since the destination tracks may have panning, level and
effect assignments which you don't want your final mix to play through. For that reason we suggest that whenever possible
you use our ultra-cool "Copy to Clipboard, then to a new song" exercise in the following section after bouncing your final song
to two tracks. For now, let's continue with the current process...
6. Press the Channel 13 TRACK STATUS key 2x, so that both 13 and 14 light red (Record status).


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