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KORG D1600 Manuald Tour: Working With Virtual Tracks

Digital recording studio.
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To go to the end of a song (end of actual recorded data) press and hold the STOP key and press the FF key. To go to the
song beginning from midway in a song, press and hold the STOP key and press the REW key.
...for the following exercise, you'll continue working with the current song, input and track:

Working with Virtual Tracks

The D1600 features 8 Virtual tracks for every track - 128 tracks per song! Virtual tracks give you the benefit of being able to record
several takes without overwriting any previous takes. Then you can select from your favorite Virtual track(s) for playback, bouncing or
in mixdown.
Record a new Virtual track on Track 2b:
1. Press the IN/LOC1 key to reset to the song beginning.
2. Press the TRACK key, then press the "Vtr1-8" tab in the display. Note the highlighted "1a" and the left column of the display.
The top "bar" is black in this column, because you have recorded on Virtual track "1a". Also note that the track "2" column
indicates data has also been recorded on Virtual track "2a".
3. Press to highlight "2a" in the display, then slowly-rotate the DIAL to the right, until the second column in the display reads "2b"
(Virtual track "2b").
4. Press the RECORD key, then press the "RecMode" tab, and make sure that the "Input" radio button is selected.
5. Press the METER / TRACK VIEW key (PreFdr view), then press the REC key.
6. Press the PLAY key, and record about 8 measures of your voice on Virtual track 2b. (Example: "This is Virtual track 2b"). Set
the Channel 1 fader level to suit.
7. Press the STOP key, then press the IN / LOC1 key to reset to the song beginning.
8. Press the PLAY key to hear Virtual track 2b and the original track 1a, then press the STOP key.
9. Press the TRACK key, and take a closer look at the display. Notice that the Virtual tracks you just recorded indicate recorded
audio data (by the small bars) on the left of each column. Also note that the Virtual track currently selected is indicated by the
solid black bar and highlighted "2b" in the track 2 column:
In editing procedures like copying or deleting track data, you must make sure that the correct Virtual track is
selected before performing an edit. Example: You've recorded audio on Virtual tracks 2a and 2b, and you want to
delete track 2b. Press to highlight the track (see the above graphic) and rotate the DIAL to the desired Virtual track
"bar" for editing. Then you can go to the "EditTrk" tab, and perform the delete function. For more information on
track editing procedures, see the D1600 Owner's Manual, page 51.
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