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Use Of Rinse Aid - Electrolux FAVORIT 65511 VI User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher
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3. Pour in the salt until the container is full.
4. Replace the cap making sure that there is
no trace of salt on the screw thread or on
the gasket.
5. Replace the cap tightly turning it clock-
Do not worry if water overflows from the unit
when filling with salt, this is quite normal.
The salt indicator light on the control panel can remain illuminated for 2-6 hours after the
salt has been replenished, assuming the dishwasher remains switched on. If you are using
salts that take longer to dissolve then this can take longer. The function of the machine is
not affected.

Use of rinse aid

Only use branded rinse aid for dishwashers.
Never fill the rinse aid dispenser with any other substances (e.g. dishwasher cleaning agent,
liquid detergent). This would damage the appliance.
Rinse aid ensures thorough rinsing, and spot and streak free drying.
Rinse aid is automatically added during the last rinse.
1. Open the container by pressing the release
button (A).
Use of rinse aid