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Multi-Tab Function; Activation/Deactivation Of The Multitab Function - Electrolux FAVORIT 65511 VI User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher
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Multi-tab function

Multi-tab function
This appliance is equipped with the "Multitab function", that allows the use of the "Multitab"
combi detergent tablets.
These products are detergents with a combined cleaning, rinsing and salt functions. They
can also contain other different agents depending on which kind of tablets you choose ("3
in 1", "4 in 1", "5 in 1" etc...).
Check whether these detergents are suitable for your water hardness. See the manufac-
turers instructions.
This function can be selected with all washing programmes. With the selection of this
function the inflow of rinse aid and salt from each respective supply container is auto-
matically deactivated and also the indicator lights for salt and rinse aid are deactivated.
Select the "Multitab function " before the start of a washing programme.
Once this function is selected (indicator light illuminated) it will remain active also for the
following washing programmes.
With the use of the "Multitab function", the cycle durations may change. In this case, in
the digital display, the indication of the running time of the programme is automatically
Once the programme is running, the "Multitab function " can NO longer be changed. If you
want to exclude the "Multitab function " you have to cancel the programme setting and
then deactivate the "Multitab function ".
In this case you have to set a washing programme (and desired options) again.

Activation/deactivation of the Multitab function

Simultaneously press and hold the two Multitab buttons (D and E), until the "Multitab
function" indicator light illuminates. This means that the function is active.
To deactivate the function press the same buttons again until the "Multitab function"
indicator light turns off.
If the drying results are not satisfactory we suggest that you:
1. Fill up the rinse aid dispenser with rinse aid.
2. Activate the rinse aid dispenser.
3. Set the rinse aid dosage to position 2.
• The activation/deactivation of the rinse aid dispenser can only be possible with the
"Multitab function" active.
Activation/deactivation of the rinse aid dispenser
1. Press the On/Off button. The dishwasher must be in setting mode.
2. Press simultaneously buttons B and C, until the lights of buttons A , B, and C start
3. Press button B, the lights of buttons A and C turn off while the light of button B goes
on flashing. The digital display indicates the current setting:
= Rinse aid dispenser deactivated.
= Rinse aid dispenser activated.
4. To change the setting, press button B again, the digital display indicates the new setting.
5. To memorise the operation, switch off the dishwasher by pressing the On/Off button.