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Setting Mode; Audible Signals - Electrolux FAVORIT 65511 VI User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher
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Control panel
The digital display indicates:
• the level of hardness to which the water softener is set,
• the approximate remaining time of the running programme,
• activation/deactivation of the rinse aid dispenser (ONLY with Multitab function active),
• the end of a washing programme (a zero will appear in the digital display),
• the countdown of the delay start,
• fault codes concerning malfunction of the dishwasher,
• activation/deactivation of the audible signals.
Function buttons
The following functions can be set with the help of these buttons:
• setting of the water softener,
• cancel a washing programme or a delay start in progress,
• activation/deactivation of Multitab function
• activation/deactivation of the rinse aid dispenser when Multitab function is active,
• activation/deactivation of the audible signals.

Setting mode

The appliance is in setting mode when all programme lights are illuminated.
Always remember that when performing operations such as:
• selecting a washing programme
• setting the water softener
• activating/deactivating the rinse aid dispenser
• activating/deactivating the audible signals
the appliance MUST be in setting mode.
If a programme light is illuminated, the last performed programme is still set.
In this case, to return to setting mode, the programme has to be cancelled.
To cancel a set programme or a programme in progress: simultaneously press and hold
the two programme buttons positioned over the word RESET, until all the programme
button lights will illuminate. The programme has been cancelled and the machine is now
in setting mode.

Audible signals

Audible signals have been introduced to help indicate which operations the appliance is
• setting the water softener
• end of the programme
• intervention of an alarm due to malfunction.
Factory setting: audible signals activated.
It is possible to deactivate the audible signals, using the function buttons.
1. Press the on/off button. The appliance must be in setting mode.
2. Simultaneously press and hold function buttons B and C, until the light of the function
buttons A, B and C start flashing.
3. Press function button C, the lights of buttons A and B turn off while the light of function
button C goes on flashing. The digital display indicates the current setting.