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Electrolux EKC60752 User Manual

Electrolux cooker
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  • Page 1 Cooker EKC60752...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 electrolux Electrolux. Thinking of you. Share more of our thinking at Contents Safety instructions What to do if... Description of appliance Technical Data Before first use Installation Operating the ceramic hob Environmental Information Operating the Touchpanel Guarantee/Customer Service...
  • Page 3 3 • Switch off the power supply to the cooker on the glass doors and may get into the and contact Service for repairs. units. • Do not keep chemicals or cleaning agents How to avoid damage to the appliance in the storage drawer.
  • Page 4: Description Of Appliance

    4 electrolux Description of appliance Ceramic hob General view Control panel Oven Storage drawer Plinth Operating panel overview Cooking zone indicators/Timer function Timer display Double zone is in use On/Off with power indicator Display Stop + Go Timer Lock Heat setting selection...
  • Page 5 5 Hob overview Accessories Clean the accessories before using them for the first time. Wash the shelves, roasting pan, etc. in hot water and wash- ing-up liquid. Rinse and dry. Baking tray For cakes and biscuits. Ø 140 mm Ø...
  • Page 6: Before First Use

    6 electrolux Telescopic runners pan is inserted. For the best shelf stability, make sure that the bevelled edge is inwards Make sure that the cooker anti-tip guard in the oven. Pull the accessories carefully is fitted. when using them so that the plate/pan/grid does not fall off the rails.
  • Page 7 7 1. Press to set the right time. 3. Leave the oven at this setting for about 2. To change time already set, press On/Off one hour. 4. Move over to the Max grill function . Then press until flashes Fol- low the instructions in alternative 1.
  • Page 8: Operating The Ceramic Hob

    8 electrolux to the right, then lift the left-hand edge of the button. Connecting the lock Move the lock to the right and down. The cooling fan The cooker is fitted with a cooling fan. The purpose of the fan is to keep the appliance cool.
  • Page 9: Operating The Touchpanel

    9 • The residual heat can be used to melt • Casseroles and pans that are made of foodstuffs or to hold food warm. glass or are enamelled with deep patterns • Important! There is risk of burns as long as cause more wear if they are pulled back- the residual heat warner is alight.
  • Page 10 10 electrolux Cooking/roasting with Automax This is how you activate the function. Note! This must be done each time you wish to use the automatic system. 1. Set the function Automax , A appears in the display. 2. Then make the desired setting for cook- ing/roasting.
  • Page 11 11 Cooking with Portions Zone Setting One portion Automax Porridge (oats, rye) 1, 2, 4 Potatoes 1, 2, 4 Rice 1, 2, 4 3/4 decilitre 1, 2, 4 Root vegetables Melting butter 1, 2, 4 Melting block chocolate 1, 2, 4...
  • Page 12 12 electrolux ~ 3 sec. 3. Press an optional heating setting The display goes out and the function Using the hob with activated locking lock is disengaged. The hob is automati- function cally switched off after a few seconds. Even if the function lock is activated, the hob...
  • Page 13 13 ~ 1 sec. ~ 1 sec. Switching off the automatic switch-off Press repeatedly on the Timer area earlier select the next active cooking zone. 2. While the control lamp flashes rapidly, set There are two possible ways to switch off the...
  • Page 14: Operating The Oven

    14 electrolux ~ 1 sec. ~ 1 sec. The display shows during locking and The symbol goes out and the earlier later shows the setting again. heating setting is shown again. If the hob is switched off, the function lock is shown again if attempts are made to is automatically disengaged.
  • Page 15: Oven Display

    15 Oven functions Application Heating element/ fan Pie/pizza function For baking on one oven level Lower element, annular element dishes that require more intensive and fan browning and a crispy base. Set the oven temperatures 20-40 °C lower than when using Conven- tional.
  • Page 16 16 electrolux Heat indicator Heating up When the oven function has been selected, the indicator starts to flash how much the oven has heated up. Switching off When the oven functions have been switch- ed off, the indicator lights up to show that there is residual heat in the oven.
  • Page 17 17 3. Select the desired time by pressing the buttons (max. 09.59 hours). The remaining time is shown after about 5 seconds. The signal clock lights up. A signal is heard when 90% of the time has The cooking time lights up passed.
  • Page 18 18 electrolux 2. Select oven function and temperature. Press and choose Cooking time and set the desired cooking time (for example 1 hour). 3. Use the buttons to select stop time. 3. Press and choose Stop time set the desired finishing time when you want the food to be ready (for example 2.05 p.m.).
  • Page 19 19 Other functions Oven safety switch-off The meat probe tolerates temperatures of If the oven not switched off after a certain between 30 and 99°C. Use only the original time, or if the temperature is not modi- thermometer and make sure that no part of fied, it switches off automatically.
  • Page 20: Tips, Tables And Advice

    20 electrolux When the desired temperature in the meat is reached, a signal sounds and the oven switches off. Warning! The meat probe is hot. You can easily burn yourself when you take the thermometer out of the oven outlet.
  • Page 21: Tips For Baking

    21 Type of bak- Oven Minutes Oven Temperature Temperature level level Conventional Hot air Bread Tin loaf 190-210 30-40 170-190 Loaf 175-225 35-45 180-190 Swedish tea- 220-225 12-18 180-190 cake White bread Buns 225-250 7-10 180-190 Bun ring/flat 180-200...
  • Page 22: Roasting Table

    22 electrolux Baking result Possible cause Remedy Food positioned too high in the Check in the table or recipe that oven is receiving too much top you have chosen the correct po- heating, when using top and sition. bottom heating, and the oppo- site effect when placed too low.
  • Page 23: Cleaning And Care

    23 Type of meat Temperature Oven Minutes Temp. Oven level level Conventional Hot air Whole salmon. 20-25 ca. 1 kg Low Temperature Cooking table Food to be cooked Weight Tempera- Oven level Minutes ture Roast beef 1000-1500 90-110 Fillet of beef...
  • Page 24 24 electrolux 2. Use a plastic pad designed for non-stick • Sugar solutions must be removed saucepans with cream cleaner for remov- from the hob before the syrup has set al of more stubborn stains. otherwise damage to the hob surface will occur.
  • Page 25 25 3. Close the door. Set the oven at 100°C 2. Insert the hinge unit in the slot on the door. Press down until the assembly with conventional heating for about 10 spring clicks into position. minutes. 4. When the oven has cooled down, rinse it with clean water or, if necessary, rub carefully with a soap pad.
  • Page 26 26 electrolux Removing the central glass in the door Fitting the upper glass in the door 1. Grasp the central glass pane at its lower 1. Insert the upper glass diagonally from edge and push it towards the oven door above into the glass retainer on the han- handle, until it is free at the bottom (1).
  • Page 27 27 Wash the accessories thoroughly in hot wa- ter and washing-up liquid before using them for the first time. • Use tools made of plastic or wood instead of metal, which can damage the plate. • Remember that pots and pans with rough surfaces can damage the accessories.
  • Page 28: What To Do If

    28 electrolux Order the replacement lamp from your local service centre (see section "Service/ Customer Service"). Always touch the halogen lamp using a cloth to avoid oil burning. 1. Take off the glass cover by turning it anti- clockwise and clean it.
  • Page 29: Technical Data

    29 Problem Remedy The oven does not work Set the clock It takes too long to boil/fry Check that you have selected a suitable pan with good heat conductivity The oven light does not work Replace oven bulb The door lock does not work...
  • Page 30 30 electrolux the top behind the hood), the cooker must Horizontal adjustment not be pushed in under a tiled edge or similar. The cooker must be level so that, for exam- There must be a clear surface of at least 40 ple, fat spreads evenly in the frying pan.
  • Page 31: Environmental Information

    31 NOTE! If the space between the bench cup- Electrical connections boards is greater than the width of the cook- Warning! Any work required on the er, then you must adjust the side measure- cooker must be carried out by a qualified ment if you want to centre the cooker.
  • Page 32: Guarantee/Customer Service

    32 electrolux vironment and human health, which could The symbol on the product or on its pack- otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste aging indicates that this product may not be handling of this product. For more detailed treated as household waste. Instead it...
  • Page 33: European Guarantee

    Bitbourg. 7 L-1273 Luxembourg-Hamm E-mail: European Guarantee This appliance is guaranteed by Electrolux in valid purchase document issued by the each of the countries listed at the back of this seller of the appliance. user manual, for the period specified in the •...
  • Page 34:

    34 electrolux • The appliance is installed and used in ac- The provisions of this European Guarantee cordance with instructions issued by Elec- do not affect any of the rights granted to you trolux and is only used within the home, i.e.
  • Page 35 Slovenija +38 61 24 25 731 Gerbičeva ulica 98, 1000 Ljubl- jana Slovensko +421 2 43 33 43 22 Electrolux Slovakia s.r.o., Elec- trolux Domáce spotrebiče SK, Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava Suomi Sverige +46 (0)771 76 76 76 Electrolux Service, S:t Görans-...
  • Page 36 339 6207 00-B-052009...

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