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Programming Guide
(800) 338-2699
(847) 719-3000
© 2009 Food Equipment Technologies Company
Part # P109
REV. 000


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Fetco CBS-2021 e Series

  • Page 1 CBS-2021 Series Programming Guide (800) 338-2699 (847) 719-3000 © 2009 Food Equipment Technologies Company Part # P109 REV. 000...
  • Page 2 Controls...
  • Page 3: Programming Mode

    Programming Mode To enter Programming mode, turn the main power switch OFF. (The main power switch is on the back of the unit.) Press and hold the STOP button while turning the main power switch ON. Release the STOP button when the software version is displayed. Example: VER 32.A The STOP button is used to advance from one setting to the next.
  • Page 4: Batch Settings

    Batch Settings Press STOP to continue. Batches are numbered 1 (top switch) and 2 (bottom switch) Next, the first batch parameter is displayed – batch 1, brew volume Use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust. Display: 1.1 • Press the STOP button to go to the next parameter – brew time. Display: 1.2 04.00 Repeat the last step until all parameters are programmed for batch #1.
  • Page 5 Batch Parameters (X = Batch Number) Parameter Name Range Default Comment Batch Enabled On/Off This option is for batch or Disabled 2 only. Brew Volume To change from ounces ounces: 32 – 80 64 oz. to liters, see Advanced liters: 0.92 –...
  • Page 6: Temperature Settings

    Temperature Settings Parameter Name Range Default Comment Water Temp. Inside tank. Will be slightly 176°- 201°F lower at spray head. To 204°F display in Celsius, see # 58 in Advanced Settings. Hot Water Auto Auto= Faucet will Service dispense only when not brewing.
  • Page 7 Enter Advanced On / Off OFF = Skip Advanced Settings & Settings & Diagnostics. Diagnostics Loop back to start of batch programming. ON = Enter Advanced Settings & Diagnostics. Press STOP to continue. Important! After programming, you must press and hold the HOT WATER button to save the settings and exit programming mode, or changes will be lost.
  • Page 8: Advanced Settings And Diagnostics

    Advanced Settings and Diagnostics Address Description Range Default Comment Water Resistance 0 - 200 Displays the electrical resistance of the water in (KΩ) kilohms as measured between the water level probe and the tank. If greater than 200, or if the tank is not full, the display will read –...
  • Page 9 Tank Displays current tank XXX°X temperature in °F or °C. Temperature Reload Defaults 0 - 1 Changes all settings to default factory settings. 0 = Do not reload defaults 1 = Reload all defaults If 1 is selected, you must advance to the next address for this change to take effect.
  • Page 10 Bypass Valve 17 – 51 volume. Flow Rate If #59 is 0.50 – 1.30 1.50 If #59 is LTR. FETCO®, EXTRACTOR® and DRIVEN TO PIONEER INNOVATION™ are trademarks or trade names of Food Equipment Technologies Company.

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