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Testing Your Setup; Figure 3.3 System Status Page - Asus RX3042H User Manual

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RX3042H User's Manual
Quick Start Guide

Figure 3.3 System Status Page

15. Follow the instructions described in Chapter 5 "Router Setup" to
set up the LAN and WAN settings for RX3042H.
After completing the basic configuration for RX3042H, read the
following section to determine if you can access the Internet.

3.3.2 Testing Your Setup

At this point, the RX3042H should enable any computers on your
LAN to use the RX3042Hʼs ADSL or cable modem connection to
access the Internet.
To test the Internet connection, open your web browser, and type
the URL of any external website (such as ).
The LED labeled WAN should be blinking rapidly and may appear
solid as the device connects to the site. You should also be able to
browse the web site through your web browser.


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