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Testing Your Setup; Default Router Settings; Table 3.2. Default Settings Summary - Asus Internet Security Router User Manual

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Chapter 3. Quick Start Guide
Enter at lease the primary DNS IP address provided by your ISP. Secondary DNS IP
address is optional. Enter it in the space provided if you have such information from your
You have now completed customizing basic configuration settings. Read the following section to determine if
you have access to the Internet.

Testing Your Setup

At this point, the Internet Security Router should enable any computer on your LAN to use the Internet Security
Router's ADSL or cable modem connection to access the Internet.
To test the Internet connection, open your web browser, and type the URL of any external website (such as The LED labeled WAN should be blinking rapidly and may appear solid as the
connects to the site. You should also be able to browse the web site through your web browser.
If the LEDs do not illuminate as expected or the web page does not display, see Appendix 15 for
troubleshooting suggestions.

Default Router Settings

In addition to handling the DSL connection to your ISP, the Internet Security Router can provide a variety of
services to your network. The device is pre-configured with default settings for use with a typical home or small
office network.
Table 3.2 lists some of the most important default settings; these and other features are described fully in the
subsequent chapters. If you are familiar with network configuration settings, review the settings in Table 3.2 to
verify that they meet the needs of your network. Follow the instructions to change them if necessary. If you are
unfamiliar with these settings, try using the device without modification, or contact your ISP for assistance.
Before you modifying any settings, review Chapter 4 for general information about accessing and using the
Configuration Manager program. We strongly recommend that you contact your ISP prior to changing the
default configuration.
DHCP (Dynamic
DHCP server enabled with the
following pool of addresses:
Configuration through
Static IP address:
subnet mask:
to save the static IP settings

Table 3.2. Default Settings Summary

Default Setting
Internet Security Router User's Manual
The Internet Security Router maintains a
pool of private IP addresses for dynamic
assignment to your LAN computers. To
use this service, you must have set up
your computers to accept IP information
dynamically, as described in Part 2 of the
Quick Start Guide. See section 5.2 for an
explanation of the DHCP service.
This is the IP address of the LAN port on
the Internet Security Router. The LAN port
connects the device to your Ethernet
network. Typically, you will not need to
change this address. See section 5.1 LAN
IP Address for instructions.


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