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Electrical Installation - Electrolux EKC6461AEW User Manual

Electrolux cooker
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Table of Contents
13.4 The anti-tilt protection

13.5 Electrical installation

Only a qualified and competent
person must do the electrical in-
The manufacturer is not responsi-
ble if you do not follow safety pre-
cautions from the chapter "Safety
This appliance is supplied without a main
plug or a main cable.
50 mm
77 mm
You must install the anti-tilt pro-
tection (A+B). If you do not install
it, the appliance can tilt.
Before you install the anti-tilt pro-
tection, adjust the appliance to
the correct height.
The anti-tilt protection has two compo-
nents (A+B). You can find the first compo-
nent (B) on the rear wall of the appliance.
It is on the right or left side of this wall.
(See the first illustration).
You must install the second component
(A) on the wall. Make sure that the wall is
made of a solid material. If not, you need
to make the wall sufficiently strong to hold
the weight. Make sure that the surface
behind the appliance is smooth.
Make the hole, in which you install the
component on the wall, approximately 77
mm from the top of the appliance. Make
sure that the component is on the correct
height. Use a screw to install it. (See the
second illustration).
Make sure that the anti-tilt protection
goes into the hole on the rear wall of the
appliance. After you push the appliance,
the anti-tilt protection must to go into the
hole for a minimum of 20 mm.
The space between the bench cupboards
cannot be wider than the appliance. If this
occurs, adjust the space on the two sides
of the appliance. Put the appliance in the
center of the space.
13.6 Covering terminal board
The recommended cross-section area is
six square millimetres (6 mm²).
When you refit the mains terminal cover,
make sure that the lower tabs are located
inside the bottom edge of the aperture,
before you fix the two screws into the top
edge of the mains terminal cover.


Table of Contents