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Emergency/Weather.alert; Usa,.International.and.canadian.channels - Uniden Atlantis 200 Owner's Manual

Two-way vhf marine radio
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To rapidly move through the channels, press and hold ▲ or
▼ for more than 1 second.
Emergency/Weather Alert
Emergency/Weather Alert allows your radio to function as a severe
weather warning radio and will also alert you to any local or national
emergencies. If the NOAA issues a warning while this feature is turned
On, the radio sounds an alert tone. You will then hear the emergency/
weather broadcast.
1. To use Emergency/Weather Alert, select the emergency/weather
channel in your area.
2. Press and hold the WX/alERT button
for 2 seconds. A double confirmation
tone sounds.
3. When the unit receives a WX Alert
signal, it will sound a siren 3 times to
let the user know of a serious impending WX condition.
4. If the radio detects a 1050 Hz tone, the
radio's WX channel will flash along
with WX and ALERT.
5. To turn off Emergency/Weather
Alert, press and hold WX/alERT for 2
seconds. A double confirmation tone sounds.
6. When Emergency/Weather Alert is activated, the highest priority
is given to this function. If the unit is in Scan, Triple Watch, or
any other mode or marine channels, it checks the weather alert
signals every 7 seconds and switches to the warning receive
mode automatically.
USA, International and Canadian Channels
The radio is initially set for International
(INT) marine channels when you first turn
on your radio.



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