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Two-way vhf marine radio
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Charging Ni-MH Batteries
Your radio is powered by rechargeable NiMH (included) or non-
rechargeable alkaline batteries (not included). Before operating your
radio, charge the Ni-MH batteries for 16 hours without interruption
using the multifunction jack (Ext. Speaker/Mic/Headphone/CHARGE)
on top of the radio located under the rubber protective cap.
Make sure the battery switch is set to Ni-MH (see page 6 ). Also make
sure Ni-MH batteries are installed in your radio. Make sure your radio
is turned off. See note below.
1. Lift up the multifunction jack cover.
2. Plug one end of the AC adapter into
the wall outlet and the other end
into the multifunction jack.
3. Charge the battery for 16 hours.
• The charger won't overcharge the batteries.
• Fully seat the rubber cap after charging.
• Be sure to turn your radio off before charging. It takes
longer to charge if the radio is on.
Battery Level Display
When the unit is on, battery power is always indicated on the display.
The Battery Level Meter always indicates the current battery voltage
level. A Battery Level is indicated in 7 steps as 0 to 5 and shutdown.
In the case of levels 1-5, the number of the meter in which it is
displayed is the same as each level. For example, in the case of a
Level 1, only the indicator at the bottom of meter is displayed.
In the case of a level 0, the indicator at the bottom of meter blinks
and the battery low alert sounds every 5 seconds. The radio shuts off
60 seconds later.
Lift Up Protective Cap
Note: Waterproofing is not guaranteed
when the cap is open and during



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