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Two-way vhf marine radio
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1. Hold the radio with microphone approximately 2 inches in front
of your mouth with the antenna at approximately a 45° angle
away from your head.
2. Speak in a clear, normal conversational voice.
One-touch Channel 16/9
While monitoring
CH 20, press
16/9 to monitor
CH 16.
Triple Watch
Triple Watch mode monitors channels 16 and 9 for a signal while you
listen to the currently-selected channel. The marine radio checks
channel 16 and 9 for activity every 2 seconds.
1. Press and hold 16/9/TRI to activate Triple Watch. TRIPLE displays.
2. Press and hold 16/9/TRI again to exit Triple Watch..A double
confirmation tone sounds and TRIPLE disappears.
• While in Triple Watch mode, you can change the
currently selected channel using the ▲ or ▼.
• A momentary press of 16/9/TRI interrupts Triple Watch
mode and the radio remains on channel 16. If you
press 16/9/TRI again, the radio remains on channel 9.
To return to the Triple Watch mode, simply press the
button again.
Monitoring Weather Channels
Your radio has 10 preprogrammed emergency/weather channel
frequencies, shown on the display by 01 through 10.
1. To listen to the emergency/weather channels in your area, press
the WX/alERT button. WX appears on the display.
2. To move up, press ▲.
3. To move down, press ▼.
4. To exit, press the WX/alERT button. WX disappears.
Press 16/9
again to
monitor CH 9.
Press 16/9 again
to monitor the
original channel
(CH 20).



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