NEC SV-8100 User Manual

NEC SV-8100 User Manual

Multiline telephone, all digital and ip phones w/um-8000 voice mail


NEC SV-8100
Multiline Telephone
User Guide
All Digital and
IP Phones
w/UM-8000 Voice Mail


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  • Page 1 NEC SV-8100 Multiline Telephone User Guide All Digital and IP Phones w/UM-8000 Voice Mail...
  • Page 2 TO TRANSFER A CALL DIRECTLY TO A MAILBOX: Press Transfer NEC SV-8100 - User Introduction for Display Phone Dial the extension number +8 Hang up. TO check your messages (FROM OUTSIDE) Dial the Automated Attendant number (typically your main number after hours)
  • Page 3 Display Phone Buttons Voice Mail Initial Set Up HOLD. The red HOLD button at the bottom of the Users with Display Phones can use the softkeys at the top of phone is used to put calls on hold. the phone as well. TRANSFER.
  • Page 4 This page is left blank for your notes: RAISE LOWER To adjust the HANDSET volume: Press RAISE or LOWER buttons on the joystick (or the UP and DOWN pointing arrows) with the handset off-hook. To adjust LCD contrast: Press RAISE or LOWER buttons on the joystick (or the UP and DOWN pointing arrows) with the handset on-hook.
  • Page 5 3 Digit Feature Codes SOFTKEYS Explained 21 OCT THU 12:34PM Night Mode Switching(Attendant Feature only)--------------718 STA101 Setting System Time (Attendant Feature only)----------------728 List VMsg Call Forward All----------------------------------------------------741 Call Forward Busy-------------------------------------------------742 Call Forward No Answer---------------------------------------743 Your phone’s display while in the idle mode. Call Forward B/NA------------------------------------------------744 Alarm Clock-------------------------------------------------------------721 LIST –...
  • Page 6 21 OCT THU 12:34PM Function Number - Function Additional Data 01 DSS / One-Touch Extension number or any numbers (up to Redial CID 24 digits). Press HOLD to write. 03 DND Key Softkey display when “LIST” is pressed 04 BGM (ON/OFF) 05 Headset Redial–...
  • Page 7 21 OCT THU 12:34PM PROGRAMMING ONE-TOUCH ICM KEYS EXT. TELBK 1. Press the Speaker key. 2. Dial Service Code 751. 3. Press the Line Key to be programmed. Screen should say Softkey display when “DIR” is pressed “Not Defined” or an old entry you can erase! Leave CAP Keys in place or you will not be able to transfer calls! SPD –...
  • Page 8 21 OCT THU 12:34PM CONF RPT SAVE TRF Your phone’s display during an external call. CONF – Press this key to begin a conference call. RPT – SAVE – Press this key to save the currently dialed number for later retrieval. TRF –...
  • Page 9: Station Speed Dial - Programming

    STATION SPEED DIAL - PROGRAMMING PLACING CALLS - Internal Calls To store a Station Speed Dialing number (display telephones 1. Lift the handset. only): 2. Dial a station number or 0 for the attendant. OR Press the 1. Press the Speaker key. button programmed for Direct Station Select.
  • Page 10: Transferring Calls

    TRANSFERRING CALLS With a call in progress: DIALING SYSTEM/STATION SPEED DIALS 1. Press the Transfer key. To dial a Speed dialing number: 2. Dial the station number. 3. Announce the call (optional). 1. Press the DIR key. 21 OCT THU 12:34PM 4.
  • Page 11: Call Forwarding

    CALL FORWARDING SPEAKERPHONE CALLS All Call Forwarding (Both internal and external) 1. Press the Speaker key and the LED lights. 2. Ensure that the MIC LED is lit. To set call forward all: 3. Place internal or outside call. Press the Speaker key 4.
  • Page 12: Temporary Memory

    CONFERENCE 1. Establish first intercom or trunk call. (display shows). CALLER ID Answer 21 OCT THU 12:34PM Receive incoming ringing or transferred outside call: 1. Review the telephone display for the calling party’s name or number. CONF RPT SAVE TRF 2.
  • Page 13: Call Park - System

    LAST # REDIAL CALL PARK - SYSTEM 1. Without lifting the handset, press the Redial on the joystick. To Park a call in a system orbit: The last dialed number is displayed. Note: You can Park Intercom or trunk calls. 1.
  • Page 14: Directed Call Pickup

    DIRECTED CALL PICKUP EXTERNAL GROUP PAGING To use Directed Call Pickup to intercept a call to a co-worker’s To Page an external zone: extension: 1. Lift the handset. 1. Pick up the handset or press the Speaker key. 21 OCT THU 12:34PM 2.

Table of Contents