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Operating Instructions; Safety - Electrolux ESL 6226 User Information

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Operating Instructions



Prior to using for the first time
• Follow the "Instructions for installation and con-
Correct Use
• The dishwasher is only intended for washing do-
mestic dishes.
• Additions or modifications to the dishwasher are
not permitted.
• Use only special salt, detergent and rinse aid suita-
ble for domestic dishwashers.
• Do not put any solvents in the dishwasher. This
could cause an explosion.
Child Safety
• Keep packaging away from children. There is a risk
of suffocation.
• Children often do not recognise the hazards asso-
ciated with electrical appliances. Don't allow chil-
dren to use the dishwasher unsupervised.
• Make sure that children and pets don't climb into
the dishwasher. Could endanger life!
• Dishwasher detergents can cause chemical burns
to the eyes, mouth and throat. Could endanger life!
Comply with the safety instructions of the dish-
washer detergent manufacturer.
• The water in the dishwasher is not for drinking.
Risk of chemical burns.
General Safety
• Repairs to the dishwasher are only to be carried
out by qualified/authorised service engineers.
• When the dishwasher is not being used, switch it
off and shut off the water tap.
• Never unplug the appliance by pulling on the ca-
ble. Always pull the plug.
• Ensure that the door of the dishwasher is always
closed when it is not being loaded or unloaded. In
this way you will avoid anybody tripping over the
open door and hurting themselves.
• Never sit or stand on the open door.
• If the dishwasher is located in a room where there
may be a frost, remove the connection hose from
the tap after each use of the dishwasher.



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