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Electrolux ESL 63010 User Manual

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user manual
ESL 63010



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux ESL 63010

  • Page 1 Dishwasher ESL 63010...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 electrolux Electrolux. Thinking of you. Share more of our thinking at Contents Safety information Unloading the dishwasher Product description Washing programmes Control panel Care and cleaning First use What to do if… Setting the water softener Technical data...
  • Page 3: Product Description

    3 • Ensure that the door of the dishwasher is • All packaging must be removed before always closed when it is not being loaded use. or unloaded. In this way you will avoid any- • Any electrical and plumbing work required...
  • Page 4: Control Panel

    4 electrolux Upper spray arm Control panel On/off button Delay start button Programme selection / cancel button (PROG. / CANCEL) Indicator lights Programme lights Indicator lights End of programme Comes on when a washing programme has ended. It also has added func- tions of visual signalling as: –...
  • Page 5: First Use

    5 The programme has been cancelled and the on with a fixed light and programme light appliance is now in setting mode. B starts flashing. Wait until programme light A goes off. The programme light B Audible signals goes on flashing and the end of pro-...
  • Page 6: Use Of Dishwasher Salt

    6 electrolux Water hardness Adjusting the water hardness setting Use of salt °dH °TH mmol/l manually electronically 37 - 42 65 - 75 6,5 - 7,5 level 8 29 - 36 51 - 64 5,1 - 6,4 level 7 23 - 28...
  • Page 7: Use Of Rinse Aid

    7 To fill: 4. Replace the cap making sure that there 1. Open the door, remove the lower basket is no trace of salt on the screw thread or and unscrew the cap of the salt container on the gasket.
  • Page 8: Daily Use

    8 electrolux of the 6 position selector (position 1 minimum dosage, position 6 maximum dosage). The dose is factory set in position 4. Increase the dose if there are drops of water or lime spots on the dishes after washing.
  • Page 9: Loading Cutlery And Dishes

    9 For washing in the dishwasher the following cutlery and dishes are not suitable: are of limited suitability: • Cutlery with wooden, horn, china or mother-of- • Only wash stoneware in the dishwasher if it is pearls handles. specially marked as being dishwasher-safe by •...
  • Page 10 10 electrolux Before closing the door, ensured that the spray arms can rotate freely. Adjusting the height of the upper basket If washing very large plates you can load them in the lower basket after moving the upper basket to the higher position.
  • Page 11: Use Of Detergent

    11 Use of detergent Only use detergents specifically de- This detergent will be used during the signed for use in dishwashers. prewash phase. Please observe the manufacturer’s dos- When using detergent tablets; place the ing and storage recommendations as tablet in compartment (1) stated on the detergent packaging.
  • Page 12: Select And Start A Washing Programme

    12 electrolux 2. Set the rinse aid dosage to position 2. washing programme without loading any dishes. If you decide to turn back to the use of standard detergent system we advise 3. Adjust the water hardness setting ac- that you: cording to the hardness of the water in 1.
  • Page 13: Unloading The Dishwasher

    13 Unloading the dishwasher • Hot dishes are sensitive to knocks. The steel will eventually become cooler than dishes should therefore be allowed to cool the dishes. down before removing from the appliance. When the washing programme has • Empty the lower basket first and then the finished, it is recommended that the upper one;...
  • Page 14: Care And Cleaning

    14 electrolux Care and cleaning Cleaning the filters The filters must be checked and cleaned from time to time. Dirty filters will degrade the washing result. Warning! Before cleaning the filters ensure that the machine is switched off. 1. Open the door, remove the lower basket.
  • Page 15: Moving The Machine

    15 1. Unplug the appliance and then turn off Moving the machine the water. If you have to move the machine (moving 2. Leave the door ajar to prevent the forma- house etc...): tion of any unpleasant smells. 1. Unplug it.
  • Page 16: Technical Data

    16 electrolux Once these checks have been carried out This information can be found on the rating switch on the appliance. plate located on the side of the dishwasher The programme will continue from the point door. at which it was interrupted.
  • Page 17: Installation

    17 Test in accordance with EN 50242 must be rinse aid respectively and using the test pro- gramme (see "Consumption values"). carried out when the salt container and rinse aid dispenser have been filled with salt and Full load: 12 standard place settings...
  • Page 18: Water Connection

    18 electrolux Remove all packaging before positioning the Fixing to the adjacent units machine. The dishwasher must be secured against tilt- If possible, position the machine next to a ing. water tap and a drain. Therefore make sure that the counter it is...
  • Page 19: Electrical Connection

    19 Warning! Dangerous voltage The sink plug must not be in place when the machine is draining as this could cause the water to syphon back into the machine. If you use a drain hose extension, its internal diameter must be no smaller than the diam- eter of the hose provided.
  • Page 20: Environment Concerns

    20 electrolux Environment concerns The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it should be taken to the appropriate collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this...
  • Page 21 21...
  • Page 22 22 electrolux...
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