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In Daily Use; Loading Cutlery And Dishes - Electrolux ESL 6226 User Information

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In daily use

Loading cutlery and dishes

Sponges, cleaning cloths and any other ob-
jects that can absorb water must not be
washed in the dishwasher. Plastic and Teflon-
coated dishes and pans tend to retain water
droplets. These dishes and pans therefore do
not dry as well as those made of china and
stainless steel.
For washing in the dishwasher, the following cutlery/dishes/pots and pans
are not suitable:
• Cutlery with wooden, horn, china or moth-
er of pearl handles
• Plastic items that are not heat resistant
• Older cutlery with cement
that is sensitive to temperature
• Dishes or cutlery with glued parts
• Pewter or copper items
• Lead crystal glass
• Steel items that rust
• Wooden boards/platters
• Items made from synthetic materials
• Before loading the dishes, you should:
– Remove the worst of the food residues.
– Soak pans with burnt-on food residues.
• When loading the dishes and cutlery, please note:
– Dishes and cutlery must not impede the rotation
of the spray arms.
– Load bowls, cups, glasses, pans, etc. with the
opening downwards so that water cannot collect
in them
– Dishes and items of cutlery must not lie inside
one another or cover one another
– To avoid damage to glasses, they must not touch
one another
– Don't put small items (e.g. lids) in the baskets for
the dishes, but in the cutlery basket, so that they
can't fall through the holes.
are of limited suitability:
• Only wash stoneware in the dishwasher if it is specifically
marked by the manufacturer as being dishwasher-safe.
• Glazed patterns may fade if washed very frequently in the
• Silver and aluminium parts have a tendency to discolour dur-
ing washing. Food remains, e.g. egg white, egg yolk and
mustard often cause discoloration and staining on silver.
Therefore always clean food residues from silver immediately,
if it is not to be washed straight after use.
• Glass can become dull after a large number of washes.



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