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Activating/Deactivating The Acoustic Signal - Electrolux ESL 6226 User Information

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Activating/deactivating the
acoustic signal
In addition to the optical display (e.g. indicating the
end of the cycle, errors) you can also choose to set
an acoustic signal.
1. Press the ON/OFF button.
If the LED indicator of only one programme
button is illuminated, this wash programme
has been activated. The wash programme
must be deselected:
Press function buttons 2 and 3 simultaneously
for approx. 2 seconds.
The LED indicators of all the programme but-
tons that can be selected will illuminate.
2. Press function buttons 2 and 3 simultaneously and
hold them down.
The LED indicators for function buttons 1 to 3 will
3. Press function button 3.
The LED indicator for function button 3 will flash.
The end of wash programme indicator displays the
current setting:
End of wash pro-
gramme indicator is
End of wash pro-
gramme indicator is
not illuminated:
4. By pressing the function button 3 you can turn
the acoustic signal on and off.
5. If the acoustic signal is set as desired, press the
ON/OFF button.
The setting for the acoustic signal has now been
Acoustic signal activated
(factory setting)
Acoustic signal deactivated



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