Resetting The Lamp Timer - Epson PowerLite Presenter L User Manual

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Caution: Don't touch the glass portion of the lamp with your bare hands; the invisible residue
left by the oil on your hands may shorten the lamp life. Use a cloth or gloves to handle the new
lamp assembly.
7. To replace the lamp cover, slide it into position, then tighten the screw. (The projector
won't work if the lamp cover is loose.)
8. After replacing the lamp, you need to reset the lamp timer, as described in the next

Resetting the Lamp Timer

1. Connect the power cable and press the
the remote control to turn the projector on.
2. Press
on the projector
3. Press
to highlight
control to select it.
4. Press
again. You see the following on the screen:
button on the projector or the
on the remote control. You see the Visual Setup menu.
, then press
on the projector or
button on
on the remote
Caring for Your Projector


Table of Contents

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