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Locking The Power Button On The Control Panel; Saving Power - Epson PowerLite Presenter L User Manual

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Locking the Power Button on the Control Panel

You can lock the
turning on the projector and looking into the lens. (You can still turn on the projector using
the remote control, so you may want to place it out of children's reach.) You will also be able
to turn on the projector by holding down the
Warning: Do not allow young children or pets to look into the projector lens when the projector is
turned on. The lens projects bright light that may affect their vision.
1. Press
2. Press
3. Press
4. Press
5. Press
You need to restart the projector for the setting to take effect.
Note: When the Child Lock setting is turned on, the projector will not automatically power up when
you insert a disc.

Saving Power

The power turns off automatically when a DVD is stopped for more
than 30 minutes. You can select a time to turn off the projector while a
movie is playing, in case you fall asleep while watching.
To select a sleep setting, press
select from the following settings:
■ Sleep Off:
of inactivity (default setting).
Doing More with Your Projector
button on the control panel to prevent young children from accidentally
on the remote control. You see the Visual Setup menu:
to highlight
until you see
Child Lock.
to select
, then press
to exit the menu.
The power switches off automatically after 30 minutes
button on the control panel for at least 5
, then press
to select it.
. Continue pressing the button to



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