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Selecting Language, Subtitles, And Camera Angles; Using The Playback Information Screen - Epson PowerLite Presenter L User Manual

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Selecting Language, Subtitles, and Camera Angles

Some DVDs and DivX files allow you to display subtitles or select from several languages or
camera angles. If these features are available, you can use the buttons on the remote control to
select them.
1. Press the appropriate button on the remote control:
To change the language of the video, press
To display subtitles, press
subtitle files (for DivX videos).
To change camera angles, press
2. Press the button repeatedly to select the option you want.
Note: You can also use the Playback information screen, as described on page 42. For a list of
language codes, see page 73.

Using the Playback Information Screen

You can check the current playback status and change settings while you are playing a DVD,
audio or video CD, or DivX video.
1. Press
to the Func- position). You see an information screen like the
following below the projected image:
2. Press
3. Select the setting you want and press
You can set the title, chapter, track number, or start time using the
numeric keys, as described on page 27. To use the numeric buttons, you need to set the
toggle switch on the remote control to the
After you press
Doing More with Your Projector
(make sure the toggle switch on the remote control is set
to select the item you want to set and press
, playback starts from the title, chapter, track, or time you selected.
. You may have a choice of subtitle languages or



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