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You can adjust the following items:
■ Mic Input Level:
■ User Button:
Power Consumption, Info, Zoom, Resolution, Ceiling Projection. By pressing the
button, the assigned menu item selection/adjustment screen is displayed, allowing
you to make one-touch settings/adjustments.
■ Child Lock:
page 44 for more information.
■ High Altitude Mode:
above 4900 feet (1500 meters), to ensure that the projector does not overheat.
4. Press
5. Press

Signal Menu

1. Press
2. Press
3. Press
You can adjust the following items:
■ Keystone:
been tilted upward.
■ Auto Keystone:
the image when the projector has been tilted upward or downward.
■ Zoom:
■ Power Consumption:
as when projecting images in a dark room or onto a small screen). You cannot select a
Power Consumption setting when the Color Mode is set to
■ Resolution:
of the input signal. If necessary (because some of the image is missing, for example),
adjust to
■ Video Signal:
equipment. If no image appears or you see interference, select the appropriate signal.
■ Ceiling projection:
ceiling. (Requires a special optional adapter.)
4. Press
Doing More with Your Projector
Adjust this setting if the microphone level is too low or too high.
You can assign one of the following five items to the User button:
Turn this setting on to lock the
Turn this setting on if you use the projector at an altitude
to adjust the setting.
to exit the menu.
on the remote control. You see the Visual Setup menu.
to highlight
until you see the option you want to set.
Adjust this setting to correct the shape of the image if the projector has
Select On to have the projector automatically adjust the shape of
to enlarge the image or
Set to
to have the projector automatically identify the resolution
Normally, you can leave this set to Auto when using external
Turn this setting on to invert the image for viewing on the
to adjust the setting.
, then press
to select it.
if the images being projected are too bright (such
. You can also select
button on the control panel. See
to reduce it.
and specify a resolution.


Table of Contents

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