Solving Picture And Sound Problems - Epson PowerLite Presenter L User Manual

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The DVD skips.
Make sure the projector is not tilted more than 10 degrees while playing CDs or DVDs.
This can cause skipping or disc scratches.
Make sure there are no fingerprints or scratches on the DVD.
The remote control doesn't work.
Make sure the toggle switch is in the correct position: set to
buttons, or to
Make sure you're within 6 meters of the projector, and within range of its front or back
sensor (approximately 30° left or right, and 15° above or below).
You may need to replace the remote control's batteries. Make sure they're inserted with
the positive (+) and negative (–) ends positioned as shown in the battery compartment.
Some discs don't support all of the remote control's functions.
If you're using a "universal" remote control, it might not work with the projector. Epson
does not support any third-party remote controls.

Solving Picture and Sound Problems

The picture is blurry or out of focus.
Adjust the focus using the focus ring. See page 22 for instructions.
There may be dirt on the lens. Clean the lens as described on page 50.
Make sure the lens is not fogged by condensation. If you've just moved the projector from
a cold environment, wait approximately an hour before using it. If condensation forms,
unplug the projector and wait an hour or two before use.
Make sure the projector is placed the correct distance from the screen: no closer than 0.66
meters and no farther than 9.1 meters.
Adjust the
If you're using the
want to decrease the projection angle to reduce the amount of keystone correction
needed. Try adjusting the projector's position relative to the screen.
If you're using external video equipment, check the solutions on page 63.
to use the other functions of these buttons.
setting. See page 45.
adjustment, be aware that it lessens image quality. You may
to use the numeric
Problem Solving


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