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Table of Contents
Safety Precautions
Connect only the specified devices and
equipment to the product's connectors.
Connection of a non-specified device or
equipment creates the risk of fire and
electric shock.
Avoid the following locations for this
product. Such locations create the risk of
fire and electric shock.
• Areas subject to high humidity or large
amounts of dust.
• In food preparation areas or other areas
subject to oil smoke.
• Near air conditioning equipment, on a
heated carpet, in areas exposed to direct
sunlight, inside of a vehicle parked in
the sun, or any other area that subjects
the product to high temperatures.
Display Screen
• Never push on the display screen's LCD
panel or subject it to strong impact. Doing
so can cause the LCD panel's glass to
crack, creating the risk of personal injury.
• Should the LCD panel ever crack or
break, never touch the liquid inside of
the panel. LCD panel liquid can cause
skin irritation.
• Should LCD panel liquid ever get inside
your mouth, immediately wash out your
mouth with water and contact your
• Should LCD panel liquid ever get into
your eyes or onto your skin, rinse with
clear water for at least 15 minutes, and
then contact a physician.
Sound Volume
Do not listen to music at very loud volumes
for long periods. Particular care concerning
this precaution is required when using
headphones. High volume settings can
damage your hearing.
Heavy Objects
Never place heavy object on top of the
Doing so can make the product top heavy,
causing the product to tip over or the object
to fall from it, creating the risk of personal
Correct Stand* Assembly
An incorrectly assembled stand can tip over,
causing the product to fall and creating the
risk of personal injury.
Make sure you assemble the stand correctly,
following the assembly instructions that
come with it. Make sure you mount the
product on the stand correctly.
* Stand is available as an option.
When using batteries, be sure to replace them or shift to
one of the alternate power sources whenever you notice
any of the following symptoms.
• Dim power supply indicator
• Instrument does not turn on.
• Dim, difficult to read display
• Abnormally low speaker/headphone volume
• Distortion of sound output
• Occasional interruption of sound when playing at high
• Sudden power failure when playing at high volumes
• Dimming of the display when playing at high volume
• Continued sound output even after you release a key
• A totally different tone may sound
• Abnormal rhythm pattern and demo tune play
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