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Evaluation Mode; Using The Lesson Functions And Evaluation Mode - Casio CTK-8IOin User Manual


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3-Step Lesson

Evaluation Mode

The keyboard can be configured to evaluate your 3-Step
Lesson progress. A perfect score is 100. You can even have
the keyboard display your points, both part way through and
at the end of a lesson.
Evaluation Mode Display
Level Indicator (9 Levels): This indicator shows the evaluation
of your current performance at a glance. The more segments
that appear, the higher your points.
Example: 50 points
Timing Indicator: In the Evaluation Mode, the configuration
of the star changes with each note to let
you know how your timing is. The more
stars, the better your timing.
Using Tone Guide
When the keyboard senses that your timing is off, it will let
you know by changing the notes you play to a tone that is
different from the one you currently have selected.
Evaluation Results
After you finish playing, the keyboard calculates an
evaluation of your total performance, from beginning to end,
and displays your total score on the monitor screen.
Evaluation Rank Display Messages
Display Message
Evaluation Ranges
"Not bad!"
"****" : indicates that the Evaluation Mode was exited
before an evaluation result could be obtained.
Using the Lesson Functions and
Evaluation Mode
Perform the following steps to master your favorite tunes.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents