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Expanding The Selections In The Song Bank Tunes - Casio CTK-8IOin User Manual


Table of Contents
Using the USB port
Note that you need to purchase a commercially available USB
cable to connect the keyboard to a computer using the USB
To connect to a computer using the
USB port
Use a commercially available USB cable to connect
the keyboard to the computer.
USB port
• The DATA ACCESS lamp lights whenever the keyboard is
exchanging data with a connected computer over a USB
cable connection. Never disconnect the USB cable while the
DATA ACCESS lamp is lit.
USB cable
USB connector
Keyboard USB port
Connection to a Computer
Expanding the Selections in the
Song Bank Tunes
You can transfer song data from your computer to the
keyboard. You can store up to 5 tunes as Song Bank tunes
101 through 105. For SMF data you purchase or create, you
need to use an SMF Converter to convert it to CASIO format
before transferring it to the keyboard.
To install the SMF Converter
On the computer to which you plan to connect,
install the SMF Converter that comes on the CD-
ROM that comes bundled with the keyboard.
• On the CD-ROM, double-click "SMFConv-e.exe", and
then follow the instructions that appear on your
computer screen to install SMF Converter.
• Before installing SMF Converter, be sure to read the contents of
the "smfreadme.txt" file in each language folder on the CD-ROM.
For information about using SMF Converter, double-click
"index.html" in the [help] folder, which was created when
you installed SMF Converter. You can also access user
documentation from the Windows [Start] menu by clicking
[Programs] - [CASIO] - [SMF Converter] - [manual].
• A browser that supports frames (like Internet Explorer 4 or
Netscape Navigator 4.04 or higher) is required to view the SMF
Converter manual.
Minimum Computer System Requirements
Operating System:
Windows 98SE
Windows Me
Windows XP Home Edition/XP Professional
At least 10MB free HDD space
USB interface
• You can also obtain a copy of the SMF Converter by
downloading it at the Web page shown below. After
downloading, install the software on your computer.
• In addition to the software itself, the CASIO MUSIC SITE
will also provide you with information about its installation
and use. You can also find out about the latest news about
your keyboard and other CASIO musical instruments, and
much more.
07.4.10, 3:47 PM

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Table of Contents

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