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Using a Memory Card
Err Mem Full
The keyboard ran out of memory for SMF data
reading during a playback, lesson or use of the
evaluation feature.
After a few seconds, the "Err Mem Full" message will be replaced by one of the messages described
<"dEL UsrSong?">
This message asks whether you want to delete the contents of Song Bank user area for storage of SMF
data (5 songs) in order to make room for the SMF data you are trying to read. To clear this message and
return to the Card Mode screen, press the [–] (NO) button.
1) Press the [+] (YES) button if you want to delete Song Bank user area contents.
2) Press the [+] (YES) button to delete Song Bank user area contents.
• This causes a confirmation message to appear on the display.
• If you want to cancel the delete operation, press the [–] (NO) button. This returns you to the
confirmation message.
• After Song Bank user area contents are deleted, the keyboard automatically starts reading of the
SMF data you originally selected, and then starts the playback, lesson, or evaluation.
After a few seconds
The keyboard starts the playback, lesson, or evaluation
Card Mode screen
Step1 to 3
Err Mem Full
NO (–)
dEL UsrSong?
YES (+)
NO (–)
Sure ?
YES (+)
Pls Wait
07.4.10, 3:47 PM

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