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Programming; Formatting Programming Strings; Enter Reporting Number - Electrolux ControlBox24/7 User Manual

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Formatting programming strings

All commands to the unit must be given in capital letters. It is therefore important that you use CAPITALS when sending commands to the unit.
Formulate commands to the unit as follows:
<COMMAND> + <space> + <VALUE>
Examples of all commands are given later in this manual.
The unit will always acknowledge a successful command with "Confi rmed: <STATED COMMAND STRING>" so that you know that the
command has been correctly given and executed.
If an incorrect command is sent to the unit, it will automatically forward the message to the primary reporting number (TEL1) with the following prefi x:
"Unknown command".

Enter reporting number

To enable the unit to know which status reports to send, one or more numbers must be entered. Up to 5 different numbers can be entered for
receiving status reports.
To save a number as the unit's primary reporting number (TEL1) send the following text message to ControlBox24/7;
Example: TEL1 070765874
To enter more report recipients, replace TEL1 with TEL2, TEL3, TEL4 or TEL5.
To delete a registered report number, replace the telephone number with DEL as follows:
Example: TEL2 DEL
The primary reporting number TEL1 differs from the others as follows: if an unknown or incorrect
command is sent to the unit, it will be automatically forwarded to the number saved as TEL1.
If you send TEL? to ControlBox24/7,
you will receive a list of all telephone
numbers stored in return.



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