Getting Started - Electrolux ControlBox24/7 User Manual

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Choice of mobile operator
When choosing a mobile operator for the SIM card in your ControlBox24/7, always consider the following:
ControlBox24/7 works best with GSM/2G, which means that operators which only provide 3G WILL NOT work with the unit.
Choose the operator with the best GSM cover in the area where you intend to locate your ControlBox24/7.
If using a prepaid card, remember that most SIM cards will deactivate unless they are regularly topped up. Check with your mobile operator.
Fitting the SIM card
1. Open the SIM card cover on the back of the unit. Set the battery
switch to "OFF" and disconnect the external power supply.
2. Open the slide in which the SIM card will be inserted by carefully
pressing it from the battery switch, raising the slide and inserting
the SIM card with the bevelled corner closest to the battery switch
when the slide is pressed down.
3. Lower the slide and press it carefully sideways towards the battery
switch until you hear a slight "click".
4. Connect the external power supply and then switch the battery
switch to the "ON" position. Screw the SIM card cover back into
For the ControlBox24/7 to work, the PIN code request must be
deactivated on the SIM card before inserting it in the unit!



Table of Contents

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Table of Contents