Troubleshooting; Key To Reports; Reset Default Settings - Electrolux ControlBox24/7 User Manual

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Key to reports

External power supply error or disconnected
External power supply restored
Battery switched off or disconnected
Battery reconnected
Low battery level
Low battery level restored
High temperature level
Low temperature level
Low temperature level restored

Reset default settings

If you want to delete all settings on your ControlBox24/7, the process is simple, using 'default reset'. Follow the steps below.
1. Disconnect external power supply and switch off the battery switch under the SIM card cover.
2. Hold down both buttons on the right side of the unit (GSM Test & IR Test buttons) at the same time as you reconnect the external power supply.
3. When all the lights on the front of the unit fl ash rapidly, release the buttons on the side.
4. Your ControlBox24/7 is now restored to default settings.
Text report received
AC Power - FAIL (15 minutes ago)
AC Power - RESTORED (15 minutes ago)
Battery - LOW
Battery - Restored
Temperature - HIGH (over xC)
Temperature - LOW (below xC)
Temperature - RESTORED (above xC)


Delay before report sent
15 minutes
15 minutes
3 minutes
3 minutes
3 minutes
12 minutes
3 minutes
3 minutes
3 minutes


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents