Entering Heat Pump Model - Electrolux ControlBox24/7 User Manual

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Entering heat pump model

ControlBox24/7 is designed to suit several models of heat pumps, and therefore has to know which model you have. To make this setting, you need
to know which model of heat pump you have. If your heat pump is not an Electrolux model, you can select the programmable mode, and enter up
to 10 different IR signals.
The following 3 modes can be set:
EHEAT - Electrolux Model: Eco Heat. (default setting)
ECOOL - Electrolux Model: Eco Cool.
CHEAT - Electrolux Model: Comfort Heat.
CCOOL - Electrolux Model: Comfort Cool.
HXHEAT - Electrolux older heat pump ranges.
PM - Programmable setting, 10 fi xed commands can be entered.
To enter the heat pump to be used, send the following text message to the unit.
Once you have made this setting, the unit is ready to be used. See "Remote control your heat pump".
NOTE! If you have selected the "PM" mode, the IR command has to be programmed in before the unit can control your heat pump. See
"Programmable mode"


Table of Contents

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