Programming Your Own Ir Signals - Electrolux ControlBox24/7 User Manual

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Programming your own IR signals

ControlBox24/7 can store 10 programmed IR signals. You can give each program a name. Follow the instructions below to program an IR signal in
1 minute.
1. Prepare your remote control so that all the settings you want show on the display, and then switch the remote control off.
2. Send the following text message to the unit:
X = program 1-10
You can use upper and lower case letters and numerals in your command name. (Space or special characters cannot be used)
3. The IR indicator light will start to fl ash slowly for 1 minute, during which you must aim the control at the IR receiver on the right side of the
ControlBox24/7, and press the ON/OFF button on your remote control.
4. The IR indicator will remain lit for 3 seconds, and the ControlBox24/7 will send one of the following programming confi rmations (see below for
"Learning - SUCCESSFUL"
"Learning - FAILED"
"Learning - TIMED OUT"
To use the example above, send a text message saying Summer to ControlBox24/7.
NOTE! For programmed IR signals to work, ControlBox24/7 MUST be in "PM" mode. See "Programming - entering heat pump model"
Example: R1 Summer
- Programming concluded successfully.
- Programming failed. Repeat the process from step 1.
- No IR signal received, or programming took too long. Start again from step 1.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents