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Installation - Electrolux ControlBox24/7 User Manual

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ControlBox24/7 has two integrated IR diodes, which send signals via IR light. You must therefore locate the unit with uninterrupted line of sight to
the heat pump to be controlled. Test that the IR signal is received by pressing the IR test button while holding the ControlBox24/7 where it is
to be located, to ensure that the IR signal is received.
ControlBox24/7 has a built-in GSM module which makes it possible to communicate with the unit via text messages. When deciding where to
locate the unit, it is also important that there is suffi cient GSM cover. Hold the unit where you intend to place it and press the GSM test button.
The GSM indicator light will fl ash 1 - 10 times. The higher the number of fl ashes, the better the GSM cover.
NOTE! GSM cover must be at least 4 fl ashes for ControlBox24/7 to work satisfactorily.
Once you have found the ideal location according to the IR signal's range and GSM signal strength, screw the mounting plate supplied to the wall
using the screws supplied (using plugs if necessary) and hook the ControlBox24/7 into place. Test the IR and GSM strengths once more using the
test buttons, to ensure that everything is working as it should.



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